XP bug on golem outfit

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Hello! I think I might have found a problem with my Magic Golem outfit + Golden mining outfit. This has been happening since M&S Rework, and since it hasn't changed I just wanted to make sure I'm not the only one having this problem.

If I log in and go mining with my golem outfit equipped, I don't get any bonus xp from my Golden Mining set. It happens whenever Diango has it and whenever it is on my bank. However, if I equip it once and then equip my golem outfit again, I start gaining bonus xp, even if I destroy my Golden Mining outfit.

I think we should get the mining bonus xp just by having obtained the outfit. Equipping and unequipping it before doing any mining is a bother.

Does this also happen to anybody else?

28-Feb-2019 16:05:25

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