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I make websites and i study alot on design to increase sales and what to add to increase sales, It would be great to see a shopping cart in the g.e. I know it sounds simple and this idea can be overlooked but the g.e is almost the most touched asset in the game and is really important to the economy , by adding a shopping cart and interface like amazon where you can type in something wrong but it will predict and make suggestions to that is also something to keep in mind. if the more you spend money in the g.e means the more gp you will eventually want leading in more sales in the bond , people will be reminded when they open the ge and see their cart with 13 items in it still . for now my shopping cart is by setting the item value to 1 gp and clicking buy.I have had 3 party hats i wanted to buy for 10 years

10-Mar-2019 23:20:17

David James
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David James

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Not only is this not existing content but a suggestion, it literally makes no sense at all.

The reminder to get items can be to use your memory, an online shopping cart is less to remind you of what you want and more to buy multiple items at once. The GE is not an online shopping center, but a trading platform.

You're not clicking on "buy now" as you are with Amazon but instead "offering" to buy/sell items, which is a big difference.

Just type part of the name of what you're trying to buy and it'll show a list of items with whatever you typed in if you're having problems remembering exactly how it's spelled. Technically already has the prediction feature if you use it like this.

Also a bit nit-picky (but since you're the one that decided to bring it up in an attempt to make your idea sound better) but for someone that has so much experience in web design I woulda thought your idea would have been more aesthetically pleasing rather than a wall of text.

On top of which, this wouldn't increase sales but actually cost money for development time as it really wouldn't change anything compared to what already exists.

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I feel like a more apt name would be a "wish list", which could even further be interpreted as "bookmarks" or a "quick-buy" tab. Pinning items in order to make buy offers more quickly without having to search for them.

Not a terrible idea.

11-Mar-2019 04:22:18

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