Barrow points

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Basically kill all of the original barrow brothers, loot the chest, get 1 point.

Do that 300 times until you get 300 points and you can talk to the Strange old man for a barrows set at which point you'll no longer have 300 points. Can do this as many times as you wish too.

Much like chest looting, what set you get is completely random but at least this way you'll eventually be able to complete the morytania task, I brought your stuff back.

CM mods forward this to the relevant people pls. It'll help ironman who are on nasty dry streaks or just have horrible RNG there.

If you support post below and call it a day. If not then do the same and call it a day. Don't go running around in circles for 25 long pages saying why it should or should not happen.

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