More bank presets please

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Title says it all.

There are 36 bosses in game and 27 skills, but only 10 bank presets.
I think that the community should be able to purchase more presets, so they can much easier gear and whatnot for the stuff that they enjoy doing.

Additional idea:
I think it wouldve been cool if the presets would have like 3 presets within it, so you could select a preset within the selected skill or boss preset.

That way you could select for example Nex- Angel of Death, you could hit settings and select preset 1, 2 or 3, being the different presets for the different roles for that boss.

As for skilling you could have different setups for different potions in your herblore preset, or different kinds of raw food within your cooking preset.
I just thought it might be a good idea.

12-Jan-2019 18:41:03

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