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Odd Bishop

Odd Bishop

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1. Digsite - Rock

looking for a place to jump the wildy wall north of Varrock 17:36

3. Gnome Maze - Bush

slipped the anvil house trap - will go hunting later

4. East Karamja - Bush

Confined to east Karamja

5. Southern Desert - Cactus

Looking for a carpet ride at Shantay Pass 17:47

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6. Sophanem - Cactus

- trapped in the old church 17:52

7. Southern desert - Cactus

Roaming by the Tardis

8. Feldip Hills - Bush

He is still communing with sabre-toothed kyatts or looking for a ride to the ice berg 17:40

11 Mos Le'Harmless - Barrel

- last seen on the west wall 17:59

All others as posted

19-Apr-2019 19:17:32

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