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Welcome to Wise Monopoly Clan!

We originally started as a clan for wealthy individuals and for those who wanted to learn the ways of flipping/investing. We have now evolved to become a clan of all knowledge sharing, with those wise in investing, flipping , skilling, pvm, new updates, and much more. We also share a social bond of friendship and encouragement. Guests are welcome!

Clan Info Page: HERE

Clan Member Obligations:

1. Be an active participant in clan chat and activities. Each person's contribution makes the whole that much better!

2. Be respectful to all and have patience for those asking questions.

3. Work together to help the clan achieve its goals, including in the citadel.

4. Be on the lookout for positive players to recruit who can share knowledge and participate in our active clan.

5. There is no begging for gp or items of any kind.

Special Clan Events:

Weekly Raffle - Each week just before citadel reset, we choose three random clan members who have capped to win gp prizes of 10M, 5M, and 2.5M, respectively. The list of previous winners can be found at the top of the next page.

Citadel Reset - Each week on Tuesday at 16:30 game time we host a citadel party to celebrate the new tick and look forward to our new upgrades and goals. This is attended by many, and the owner has been known to give special random gifts during this time (Dragon Pickaxes as one example).

Flipping Secrets - Run weekly by "vwls sck", we gather in the citadel assembly hall to hear tips and techniques to profitably flip items. The presentations usually last about 10 minutes, are open to all guests, and cover a variety of items and ideas. There is a Q&A session afterwards for more information. Check out the Clan Info page for the next time and date!

More to come!

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Lady Divine
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Lady Divine

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Clan Hierarchy and Conflict Resolution:

The owner is WiseRichMan, a wise, rich, man :)

Ranks are based on participation at all levels including: helpfulness to others, sharing of knowledge, citadel resource gathering, and social activity. At this current time while we are in consistent recruiting mode, any member that caps at the citadel receives an automatic Sergeant ranking. As we approach a 500 active member situation, this automatic promotion may be reduced/eliminated.

Any conflicts with other members should be addressed in private message first, and then elevated to an admin if that does not resolve the issue satisfactorily. Using the clan chat to argue, shame, or disrespect clan members is strictly forbidden and grounds for removal if repeated offences.

Current Admin+:



Deputy Owners:

.......0ne more
.......Boston Omaha
.......Lady Divine
.......Leeds RS


.......King Marcoen
…….vwls sck


.......Twilight Ash


...….0 07


…….Gold Hero
.......Hyper v1

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