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Just capped at the citadel.

Instead of another boring bump... we no longer have to imagine what Earth would look like from a near-by neighboring planet. At least at a distance safe enough that there would never be a collision.

Planetary collision :(

"A massive disk of infrared-emitting dust circling the star provides silent testimony to this sad fate."
Jagex 2019 New Year Resolution... MTX our customers until RS3 SERVER SHUTDOWN PARTY!
The RS3 Community is treated like :@RUBBISH:@ due to constant TH promotions.

Don't buy keys on Treasure Hunter, if you do Jagex will only make more TH promotions :(

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Skt T1 Khan
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Combat and Total Level?: 138 2724
Why have you chosen to join our clan?: PVM
Favourite in-game accomplishments?: 120s
Favourite in-game PvM achievment?: none atm
Current RuneScape Goals?: Comp
What time are you generally on?: alot of the day
Would you be interested in joining our Discord Server?: yes

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Atrovent 1
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Atrovent 1

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