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The Last Owl
Jan Member 2019

The Last Owl

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Combat and Total Level?:
136, and 2369

Why have you chosen to join our clan?:
My old clan merged with you guys a few months ago. I've only just come back to the game recently, but I've been hanging around in your chat the past week, and it seems like a nice atmosphere.

Favourite in-game accomplishments?:
99 Magic (Magic is best skill!)

Favourite in-game PvM achievement?:
That one time that me and a friend managed to basically live at Vindicta without leaving for a few days. Totally inefficient, but felt very cool.

Current RuneScape Goals?:
Max combat (and hopefully picking up 120 Magic along the way)

What time are you generally on?:
Pretty erratically because of work/university, but usually GMT evenings.

Would you be interested in joining our Discord Server?:
Of course :)

31-Jan-2019 11:42:39

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