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I don't know if somebody got you yet Owl, but feel free to join the discord server and holler at someone to shoot you an invite. You could also guest in our cc and holler at somebody in there.

06-Feb-2019 04:11:01

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Instead of another boring bump...

We aren't the only ones that had a polar vortex!

Far out! Also capping at the citadel right now.
Jagex 2019 New Year Resolution... MTX our customers until RS3 SERVER SHUTDOWN PARTY!
The RS3 Community is treated like :@RUBBISH:@ due to constant TH promotions.

Don't buy keys on Treasure Hunter, if you do Jagex will only make more TH promotions :(

09-Feb-2019 00:41:05

short corgi
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short corgi

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Combat and Total Level?: 2080 total level and 133 combat level
Why have you chosen to join our clan?: I was looking around for a casual and flexible clan to join, as well as to do PvM and meet some new people to skill with
Favourite in-game accomplishments?: Getting 99 smithing! And getting shadow dye from a hard clue
Favourite in-game PvM achievment?: Getting an Elysian Sigil from Corp and learning to boss Kalphite King
Current RuneScape Goals?: To do Plague’s End and unlock Prif, as well as to get all my combat skills to 99
What time are you generally on?: Anytime from afternoon to late at night
Would you be interested in joining our Discord Server?: Yes

10-Feb-2019 15:56:13

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