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Slay Pvm
Feb Member 2019

Slay Pvm

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Combat and Total Level?: 123/2000
Why have you chosen to join our clan?: 2k worlds
Favourite in-game accomplishments?: 2k total
Favourite in-game PvM achievment?: no pets yet/ elite void
Current RuneScape Goals?: 99 thieving/fming
What time are you generally on?: varies
Would you be interested in joining our Discord Server?: n/a

15-Feb-2019 06:37:24

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Hello Slay PVM.

Be sure to guest chat with us so someone can invite you into the clan. You don't appear online right now at the time of this posting.

Instead of another boring bump....

Saturns rings are 10million years "young" and fading rapidly, probably around for 100m years.
Super strong winds from 9k kilometers deep in Saturn promotes its gravitational pull that drives the rings.
Rings made of pure ice with dust making them look rockey

There is a lot more cool stuff in the news article.
Jagex 2019 New Year Resolution... MTX our customers until RS3 SERVER SHUTDOWN PARTY!
The RS3 Community is treated like :@RUBBISH:@ due to constant TH promotions.

Don't buy keys on Treasure Hunter, if you do Jagex will only make more TH promotions :(

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