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So, in the video, Mod Mark admitted this is going to be a "month of ninja fixes". ...except, didn't that get ranked REALLY low in the poll where "I want a month of ninja fixes!" was an option? It seems like that was put in there to give them the excuse of "players asked for this!" if they receive any criticism.

And what happened to the year ahead video? Promising a minigames hub and allsorts within the first half of the year? Everything seems to be banking on Solak (A /less/ interesting boss than the one that was scrapped in favour of Solak, The Ambassador, a xau-tak themed and focused boss)...

...Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any of these points, it just seems to be a lazy month for Jagex, despite all the promises of doubling down to make sure this year's better than the last. This mystery quest better be something larger and more interesting than the Evil Dave quest - because that felt like a side-project more than something serious.

Pick up the pace, Jagex. You better have something damn good to show for your efforts once RS mobile's done.

...also: Is it just me, or is Jagex acting schizophrenic when it comes to their design priorities? Half the time, it's "we can't do the expansive updates you guys want because we have unfinished business!", the other half it's "we can't do unfinished business because we have ninja fixes and random bits of new content!". Make your minds up.

...And give us weather+day/night. Come on, you guys promised that.
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