The White Knights of Falador

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Character Name: Douglass Vale-Blackburne

Character Age: 26

Character Race: Human

Character Description/History: Originally born in the slums of Ardougne, Douglass clawed his way up from nothingness, leaning to survive in the harshest of conditions. His sister being kidnapped and sold off necessitated his pursuit, and along the way, he got himself noticed - enough to get trained officially at the Rangers' Guild - though he was a natural at it anyway.

The trail going cold, Douglass eventually became an adventurer, a mercenary, even working with his brother for a time. His mercenary work lead him, eventually, to aiding the Temple Knights, though at the time he was unaware of their identity. He and his team's aid to the knights was invaluable, securing a large amount of bane ore for Silver Team, as well as
, and now with his mercenary work dying down and his group disbanded, he seeks to work for the white knights while he plans his next move.

Preferred Class: Warrior-Ranger hybrid

Is the quest "Wanted!" complete?: Yes.

Desired Rank: Initiate

RP Experience: Have been RP'ing for well over five years, am currently running a Morytanian Survival RP group - have engaged in more fights than I can count, both one-on-one and one-on-many, both from the perspective of a player and a GM.

White Knight Experience (OOC): Joined the white knights many, many years ago. More recently, rose to the rank of Partisan in Silver Team before it's dissolution.

Will you follow ALL of the rules?: Yes

Why do you want to join this clan group?: Because, for my character, his journey so far and where he's headed in life, joining the White Knights is the natural next step.

Misaldi Icau / Douglass Vale-Blackburne / 6/8/17
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