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Gilenor is in a state of constant threat from many foes. Once a man by name of An Cu Ban and the men he fought beside and served under came in the wake of a schism between here and Teragard but became lost in this new world. Now only one remains all other killed by war, in defense of Gilenor or by their most hated opponents the Kinshra. Join me in a quest with a little bit for everyone as we rebuild the Fiannan a warrior cast of outlaws and mercenaries once sworn to the defense of a far off land and the service of an ancient kingdom but now bound to there new home Gilenor. Bloody battles, heists, wars, rebellions, and no shortage of dangers stand against those who join as we fight against all the foes the land faces in a never ending pursuit of safety in a land that never rests from peril. We will build a band of brothers and sisters raiding the enemies of peace for supplies wealth and honor while protecting those who keep a just peace and aid in our cause. Together we will fight wilderness warbands, enemy armies and participate in any RP we can find as we each build a new order of defenders and warriors from all walks of life be they merchant, soldier, thief or paladin. All are welcome to join whatever walk of life they hail from in the land we call our home.

World 42 bound find and contact Sir Thallion for details or pm me on RS. discord user fergis4 #1811 or come to disc channel "World 42 Nursery" if all else fails pm my character directly simply by name of "Thallion" spelled exactly so no numbers or symbols. Official discord channel name "The Fiannan Warband RP Group"

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