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A slightly crumpled looking letter finds it's way to Dragonsbane Island, simply labelled "Ezekiel", with the symbol of a sickle drawn upon the envelope. Though the paper of the letter is low quality, it appears that someone took their time writing this strange missive.

ResonantEcho said:


Though we have never met, I have heard whispers of rumors across my networks that the noble group known as the "Guild of Heroes" had recently come across a stock of holy items, though my sources didn't verify what particularly they may have been - silver, holy water, relics...

I'll be upfront with you. I write to you from the damned depths of Morytania, where once again, a Vampyric threat is brewing. Vampyres playing with magic and genetics, creating abominations which could fuel the next war machine against the west. After our numbers were first decimated by that b*stard Drakan, and culled twice more by the Vyrelord once known as The Judge, we lack in numbers, and in materials.

I will be honest, I do not know what I could repay you, were you to supply us, be it in holy materials or even simply materials like iron and bronze - every little bit helps. All I have to offer is a meager sum of coin, and a lifetime's worth of learning to combat Vampyre-kind. How to make tools to fight them, how to evade them, how to defend against them.

The only other thing I have to offer you is fealty - respect and protection should any of your guild's members step foot into the unhallowed marshes of Morytania.

Should you be agreeable to this, or wish to discuss it in more detail, head to Paterdomus Temple, sat upon the river Salve, and ask Ivan to send word to me of your arrival - I will be there within the day...or, at least, if you send a letter of decline, send it to Ivan, he will pass it along to me.

Yours in good faith, and hope
Misaldi Icau

Myreque Prevail

Thoughtcrime doesn't entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death.

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