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Updated the guide. Here's the uhh.. patchnotes? Hopefully it's polished enough again to be as clear and updated as can be about RSRP in general. If I missed out anything, be sure to let me know on this thread or through a PM in-game or on Discord.


• Post 6
- Changed 'the public canon' to 'mainstream scene'
- Removed the word 'public' from the 'Sandbox or Private Roleplay'
- Added lorebreaking as a possibility to 'Sandbox or Private Roleplay'
- Added a bit about Player-Owned-Kingdom legitimacy to the 'Kingdom Interaction'

• Post 8
- Removed a chunk of information about OSRS RP
- Added a new bit of information about NPC vs Player ran leadership.
- Added a small tip about player-leader acknowledgement

• Post 9
- Added information about Split Canon being a thing
- Added information about handling NPC Leadership
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