Capping reduces clan joins

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I have come to realize something.

Capping makes some people not want to join or stay in clans.

I quit my clan because I hated capping as one of the reasons. I won't join a new clan because I hate capping. I tried joining a clan that said capping was not required, but still had people pressuring me to cap when I didn't want to.

I thought I might be the only one, but I have recently seen posts from other players who had the same reason for not joining a clan or for leaving a clan.

For many, capping is not a benefit of being in a clan, but an unwanted chore or burden, and I think it is time Jagex and players look at why people don't like to cap and what can be done to change that, maybe even get rid of capping if it is more of a negative than a positive.

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The pros of capping:
Free XP
Helps out your clan.

The Negatives of capping:
It is too time consuming, it literally takes several hours to cap.
It is boring.
It does not offer XP in all skills.
The skills you can get XP in you may not need. The XP you do get is too low compared to other methods of gaining XP. If you don't need the XP you feel like you are wasting your time because you are.
It is not profitable, there is no earn GP option at all.

There are many other things which are productive, lucrative, and fun I would much rather be doing with my limited game time such as earning GP, doing quests, working on other skills which can not be worked on in a citadel.

Citadels degrade, making all the work seem a waste of time if you even miss a couple weeks of the too high requirements for upkeep.

There is no one in the citadel most of the time making you feel alone.

Players who do want a citadel are not going to join a clan that has a low level one, which hurts newer or smaller clans, but also makes players feel obligated to cap to maintain a higher citadel tier level to gain or keep clan members, when these players maybe don't want to cap.

Having a citadel may make some players not want to join or cause them to want to leave a clan if they don't like capping.

Both large and small clans are being hurt by this unnecessary burden of capping.

Each player should earn their citadel benefits individually, not based on clan or citadel size in my opinion, and a clan should not lose citadel levels as a whole but rather just effect that one player based on their activity alone.

Citadels should not degrade once built, but rather have individuals earn or lose access to citadel benefits individually. I think this could solve a lot of the problems if a clan could build up a citadel together, but individuals earned rights to use it only if they wanted to, and never have citadels degrade once built up.

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I agree that capping Citadel can be a burden to some people. It can feel like a chore after awhile, especially if that's something that you don't enjoy as an activity in RuneScape.

However, it does bother me that there are some clans who are so strict about their members capping weekly to the point where it becomes mandatory. Unless your clan is going for upgrades, you can easily maintain upkeep with a very small number of people capping weekly. (I can't remember what the number is. I'll edit this post if I find it)

For the reasons you've mentioned, and others, are why capping in my clan's Citadel has always been optional. I'm not going to chase people down and tell them to spend 2 hours gathering Citadel resources if they don't enjoy capping. Despite voluntary capping, we usually get a great turn-out weekly with 20-30 visitors, and we're just about finished with our Clan Dragon upgrade, which will be one of the last upgrades we build.

Personally, I don't mind capping, and I've missed maybe one or two caps since I learned about Citadels after joining my clan. So, I've capped just about every week for the last 3 and a half years. I just find something else to keep me occupied while I AFK there, such as TV, movies, YouTube, music, RS Forums, or just chat with people in Discord or our Clan Chat. It's just whatever you make of it I guess.

As for any updates to Citadels, the spaghetti code that makes up Citadels and the Clan System in general, any major changes would take far too much time to implement. :(
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I agree. Capping is almost like doing daily's (Daily Runs) When your maxed your daily run's sometimes can take a long time. Add to that capping and other requirements when do you have time to do what you want to do? I have my own way of skilling I don't want to take a break and go daily or weekly to go cap at a Citadel. However I like the commodity and knowledge of some clan members. Their are clans out their that do not require Citadel work. Look to those clans. But finding the right fit is hard to do. My main is in a clan that I have been in for years. I came back I am still in the clan. Still know players. But I have found that most are maxed and their is a split in the clan. Those that can do all the High end PVM and Raids and such. Those that want to do them but no one wants to use their time or their chance of a drop. Then their are those that just want to get up to their level. People need to be respectful of people that have their own plan for Skilling, Playing the game. Go to W2, you just see people standing their chilling for hours on end. People do different things in RS. Demanding someone do something to join a clan is Ridiculous.

03-Mar-2017 03:11:03

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It's worth remembering that you don't actually have to "cap". You can receive the bonus xp reward from a half cap, and still keep fealty.

Provided the clan gets enough people to do a this, then upkeep can still be met without issue. This means people can still help out without having to take the whole time to do it.

I think that upkeep should continue to be a thing, it takes a lot of work to get to tier 7, if you can at all. But being T7 shouldn't be the be all and end all of a clan. If you can't make it to T7, stick to what you can maintain and be happy with it.

My clan is completely maxed out, including all cosmetic items and the dragon, and with voluntary capping we still get over 30 a week go there, without anyone having to mention it at all. The appeal of the citadel obviously vary depending on what your clan is like, we have a lot of lower level or returning players who are happy for the free xp. However we also have maxed players who cap too, because it's a way to help the clan and give something back.

At Tier 7, you need like 8 caps to cover the full upkeep. At the risk of sounding harsh. if you worked so hard to get there, if you can't get 8 people to cap. then why do you deserve to keep T7 ? The citadel needs to be an ongoing thing, and weekly upkeep is what does that.
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Our clan too just asks for members to earn their fealyy star for the week, which is about half cap.

Even then, though it is encouraged, fealty is not a strict mandatory requirement to be in the clan, but it is a factor for obtaining/maintaining higher ranks withing the clan.

We have enough members in the clan that want to cap voluntarily that upkeep isn't a problem, so we don't hound everyone to gather citadel resources. We only push a bit when we're close to obtaining an upgrade, and then people are usually more than happy to help out the extra bit.

05-Mar-2017 00:12:15

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Capping obviously helps a clan with cit. upkeep and upgrades. If you don't want to cap then you shouldn't expect any clan benefits.

My original clan did not require capping. The fact that it was optional made it difficult to keep the cit going when we first started. The admins+ tracked who capped and who didn't. This was a major factor when rank decisions were made. No capping=no rank.

It sure does sound like some people cry because they want to be in a clan and reap the rewards but resent lending assistance where their clan needs it. That's the spirit, take a free ride.

I've been maxed for years and still cap every week.

02-May-2017 04:06:41

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Remember. Citadels are optional. You don't need to have one at all. Mod Maz
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