I started. i played. i quitThread is locked

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Ms Toxicity

Ms Toxicity

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BroguardRS, welcome to the forums. :)

I appreciate that the loss of your items brought you here to the forum today but posting a thread to complain the loss is not welcome, nor is announcing your intention to retire from the game. For these reasons and due to the fact, that you flamed Jagex, this thread is now closed.

Some excellent advice has been offered about the need to ensure that your computer and account are secure. For more information about keeping your account safe, I encourage you to read the Hijacked account page of the Support Centre. It will link to a page, where you can learn how to secure your account, and offer you the facility to lodge a Recovery request.

If you wish to seek further assistance, you are welcome to post in the Community Led Account Help forum. However, please avoid flaming anyone again.

Thunder Jinx, as you quoted the inappropriate content, your post too has been removed.

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