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Weyburns said:
Pretty much all lamps and bonus exp should be going on herblore first. Definitely the hardest thing to train with any normal methods.
Taken from the Ironman Discussion thread on HLF.

Sorry I can't really help as I've never played a HCIM, and never will. :(
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The Herblore NPC in Taverley gives you free guams and eyes of newts.

Farming is a way to get herbs. Dagannoths in the lighthouse drop a lot of herb seeds, requires Horror from the deep quest. You can also get seeds through thieving Master farmers, or killing other NPCs.

Killing Chaos druids or Cave Crawlers and later Flesh Crawlers will result in a lot of herbs.

Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble quests unlock Manage thy Kingdom where you can put the workers on herbs, provided you can manage to gain enough GP to keep the coffers full.

It shouldn't be too hard to raise herblore with these things.

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Asahel Frost
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Herblore was one of my last 99s on my Ironman account. It is one of the harder skills to train.

I collected herbs from Managing Miscellania, and drops from slaying and bossing. Farming as well of course, though drops from slayer tended to get me the bulk of the herbs I used. I trained herblore when I'd built up the stocks of herbs and secondary ingredients, and then left it for a bit while I concentrated on other skills.

The potions you can upgrade are good to make.
- Super combat potions -> extreme -> overload
- Antifire -> super antifire

When you get to Priffdinas, and train up thieving, pick-pocketing elves is a good way to get herblore supplies, both ingredients, and super combat potions which you can then upgrade.
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