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TBH, for totally new players or returning players to MMO games who really need a grindy game and be competitive, they have either to start afresh with a game like WoW Classic where everybody starts from ground zero or they need a game with fast track progress so they can still mean a thing among the existing veteran players... and that means RS3.

Unless somebody wants to grind grind grind and remains far far far behind the veterans all the time without even getting a chance to catch up, there is no reason to invest money and time in games that are hostile and deprive new players any chance to progress on a much needed handicapped basis. :)

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Thanks guys.

All games reach that point eventually with running out of things to do if you play enough but RS3 feels like the best option for me in 2019 when it comes to MMOs.

I'm going to try and find a clan I guess. I'm not that social but I do feel like it would make the game more enjoyable in the long run.

Also I LOVE the mining/smithing rework - that's how you release updates without making older content obsolete like OSRS does with things like the motherload mine.

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