Where's the track room now?

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I'm trying to do the "whats mine is your quest" and i'm supposed to talk to Sten under the Artison's workshop. The stairs going below are gone now. Is this a bug, or is he somewhere else now?

13-Jan-2019 01:01:47

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The first thing I did was to check for stairs or a ladder. I didn't see anything. I guess it got removed. Looks like the quest can't be completed.

On the theme of Mining and Smithing: I can't mine Mithril in the Abandoned Mine. They moved the location of Mithril and it is completely blocked off and inaccessible. I guess I can't complete that Achievement.
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13-Jan-2019 06:21:40



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Yeah, they were removed. I guess that means that it is a bug (in fact, an oversight). You should report it as such in-game. Unless they've made some other way to complete the quest.

13-Jan-2019 06:31:46

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I checked too, there are no stairs to go down in the Artisan's workshop, and Sten was not moved upstairs anywhere, so the quest appears to be uncompletable until Jagex fixes it. Hi.

13-Jan-2019 16:54:27

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Has this been fixed and I just am not finding the stairs? It seems like 3 weeks after the update went live would be plenty of time to correct this. It is also a real possibility that the stairs (or ladder) are there and I am just being stupid. Please help. ****b

31-Jan-2019 17:00:05

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NexusOrigin said:
Are you following an outdated quest guide?
Looks like it!

You now speak to Aksel who stands in the entrance to the Artisans Workshop.

If you are looking at the Fandom Wikia - don't! It is not maintained, so getting more and more out of date as time passes.

Use the offical Wiki here:
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^ Not only is the Fandom Wikia not updated, it has become one big playground for trolls who add trojans to some pages.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

31-Jan-2019 20:37:14

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