Obtaining old event items?

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Hello, I joined Runescape about 2 years ago and recently I've been starting to look at my fashionscape. I stumbled upon a cool outfit called 'The butterfly outfit', I immediately fell in love with this outfit, but after looking for more info about it I found it is from an event called: 'Tribute to Guthix' which took place in 2013. Now I am wondering: is there any way possible to obtain old event items like these? The armor pieces are not tradeable. :I

16-Jan-2019 19:28:59

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Thread moved to a more appropriate section, as this thread is not regarding an in-game player/Jagex hosted event or Jagex hosted competition, which is what the Events and Competitions forum is for.

Items from past holiday events, such as the one you have described, typically are not re-released, so you wouldn't be able to obtain this item now if you did not already have it.

18-Jan-2019 00:45:22

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I believe that outfit is reobtainable around Easter, but I'm not sure. The Guthixian Butterflies have returned each Easter. The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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I don't think old event items only come again when the same events are run again.

I got a Festive Mistletoe from Relic. It was a Christmas item from past events but obviously Christmas is not in January 2019. :D

My guess is when Jagex feel like adding them they add them, but they don't have a fixed pattern.

19-Jan-2019 02:46:02

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