Way Araxxi drops work changed?

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Alright, in no way am I complaining so I'll get that out of the way. But out of curiosity, was there any changes to the way Araxxi's drops work? What I mean is that I have been unable to really get a duplicate item until I got at least 1 of every unique (minus boss pets).

I've only just started my 3rd leg after getting 4 hilts within about 100 kills (which made my count for each hilt 2). Am I just really unlucky in the sense of an Ironman, or is it just not possible to farm leg pieces without first getting the other drops before it repeats the drops again.

Sorry if this post is confusing, I wasn't quite sure how to word what my question was...

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Probably RNGesus doesn't like you.

I have a similar but even more obvious dilemma with completing the Corp Beast "Dark Core" collection title.

I have well over 2k kills of Corp Beast, got 5 Arcane, 3 Elysian and 3 Divine Sigils but haven't been able to get even 1 Spectral Sigil which ironically is supposed to have a drop rate of twice of the other sigils.

RNGesus can be really silly from time to time. It seems like he doesn't want me to get even a supposedly most common of all Corp Beast sigils to complete my title. :(

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