Cant log in to my main?

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I created my main in 2002, and stopped playing in 2008. I downloaded osrs mobile, signed into my main and it made me create a new profile. Now even if I type my mains account and password it will just send me to my new account. Is there any way to get on my main on osrs mobile?

13-Jan-2019 04:43:16

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The game you remember playing has evolved over the years into RuneScape - which is only in Beta for mobile gamers (and the spots for that beta have filled). If you log in there, you should find all of your stats from before. I see your account having 1254 total level there.

Old School RuneScape was released as a brand new game in 2013 - everyone started fresh there, and there was no way to move stats or items over. If you wish to play Old School RuneScape, you would continue with a new game profile, however certain things, such as your friends list, will be intact from before.

13-Jan-2019 04:51:54

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You need to log in to RS3 to find your items and stats, since the game played in 2002 was Classic which closed, and RS2 which came out in 2004 changed through updates to RS3.

Oldschool RuneScape began in 2013 as a new game, based on 2007 but didn't exist until 2013, and everyone had to start over who plays OSRS. Mobile for OSRS can be played now.

Mobile will be coming to RS3, its in beta now.

13-Jan-2019 15:47:58



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The game you left in 2008 is not the current Old School Runescape, you were playing what RS3 is now. OSRS is not the game you played way back 2002-2008, upon logging-in, you basically starts from scratch.

13-Jan-2019 16:04:00

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