RNG - Can it be this bad?

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Just like the tittle says, I have the really ad experience in this game regarding my RNG.

I'd been having really bad luck and I can get that, but today was the drop that spilled the glass:

Talking about doing 2 hours of Nex and all I got was Brews x2 and the rest of the time was in between Lumine Spirits and Runite Spirits.

How can this be possible? Can it be fixed? Is it just really really bad luck?


09-Aug-2019 07:10:12

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Bad luck happens. It's LUCK.

Everybody goes through dry spells, sometimes for the most ridiculous things - I needed 18,000 kills to get a hill giant champion scroll, for example.

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09-Aug-2019 07:16:45

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The concept of the equation....
'Length of Times Engaged in Activity = Increasingly Better Outcome'
is a fallacy

The Drop-Odds stay the same no matter how long you engage in an activity.

09-Aug-2019 16:18:22

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Small sample. You don't kill many Nex in 2 hours.

Somebody got 2 pets drop in the same Nex kill. Again small sample.

Anything can happen in a small sample with RNGesus pulling the string BTS. It is only that not many players usually acknowledge their good luck but there are also plenty of complains about bad luck here and there like "I didn't get a Gout Tuber in 8 hours, I quit". :D

09-Aug-2019 17:40:43



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Actually drop rates can be compared to rolling a six-sided dice!
Imagine you roll it 333 times and not even getting any number 3s!
But the chance is still 1/6! Probability may give you or not but the chance is still there!
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09-Aug-2019 20:43:14

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