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Kaori Sky
Dec Member 2018

Kaori Sky

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I've recently come across this and would like to know whether or not it is against the rules of runescape?

I did a few searches and saw that someone was "incorrectly banned for real world item trading" when they swapped gold.


03-Jan-2019 18:37:08

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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It's allowed but not advised as you're trusting complete strangers with your money. The RS Wiki needs a hand, and Bwian's will gladly take the rest of your body!
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

03-Jan-2019 18:40:19

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Part of the danger of swapping on top of probably being scammed is you might trade someone involved in RWT and get yourself banned.

I'd suggest buying bonds from the GE and using them fro membership instead of swapping gold, then you get membership in the version of the game you want without any risk of being scammed.

03-Jan-2019 18:51:14

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13-Jan-2019 13:01:19

fmod Member


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You swap at your own risk.

You can't make threads via the forums as they are a trust trade that is not allowed.

I'm locking this before people start posting FC's who swap.

Remember this is a HIGH risk trade.
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13-Jan-2019 13:07:21

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