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Krystelle said:
What RS is missing is endgame contents for non combat skills. The need to get 99 in non combat skills is becoming less and less neccessary, maybe except for max cape. Firemaking can be implemented into conbat to make it more useful. If combatants can make a lot of money by killing bosses and getting drops, there should be drops for non combat skills as well

I was thinking about how non combat skills could become as popular as combat skills today while playing Pyramid Plunder. What if there were boss rooms for non combatants? Where they can skill and get valuable drops by chance?

Runescape should be different from other games. Not every game must be about defeating monsters and rescuing prince Mia.

Yeah, this game use to be an all round game but these days it is very much focused on bosses, combat in general which I do know the majority enjoy, but this doesn't mean other areas should miss out. Something to think about.
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