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Hey guys,

Unless you've been AWOL for the past 12 hours, you'll have watched the 2017: the Year Ahead video on YouTube or Facebook.

The first stream of the year (17:00 Game Time, Tuesday 10th January) is going to tackle some of your questions on the multitude of updates we've mentioned in the video - so, post them below!


* Nex: Angel of Death

* Achievement System

* GameJam and passion projects (Mod Ryan's Invention update, for example)

If you have anything about the Memorial To Guthix you'd like to ask about as well, then please let us know and we'll include a section to talk about that too.

Disclaimer: As we do want to keep some information back and keep it a surprise, we won't be going into too much detail, but don't let that put you off asking questions!
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