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I very recently got 200m Mining, I was so happy with the rank I got as it had meaning to me, within a week I've moved up 7 spots 2727 - 2720, Why can we not lock our rank in a system, if I hit 2699 and below, I would be unhappy as the 27 means something to me.

Everything worked out perfectly and I got the rank I had in mind without even trying.

Would be a cool update to go back any ranks that you previously were and lock them down.

Probably would never happen, but I would be happy with it.

21-Oct-2019 18:04:39

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lolined said:
People who leave are removed and if they come back are readded though so no.

Precisely this. The rank of 200 mil is when you acquired it. However if others have taken a hiatus for greater than 6 months than they're temporarily removed from the hiscores til they log back in. It keeps the board competitive, but they don't lose their place. So those 7 spots you jumped if they all logged back in today you'd drop back those 7 places to where you were happy at.
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21-Oct-2019 18:33:29

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People lose membership and go inactive, so their rank position on the highscores is removed if they do not log in within 3 months. If they come back, then their rank is restored and everyone else moves back up.

For example, I actually got 200M construction at rank 69, but because the first 3 players are constantly going inactive, I keep going between 66 and 69.
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21-Oct-2019 18:35:11

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Sadly, not everyone is able to keep their membership and log into the game. If you become inactive for at least three months, your name is removed from the HiScores. This doesn't mean that you lose your rank. It will automatically come back as soon as you become a member again and start playing.

Furthermore, banned/locked accounts do not appear on the HiScores. It'd be extremely unlikely that someone with such a high rank would risk their accounts being banned, but it's still possible. The most likely scenario is that they have become inactive; however, their spot is safe until they return to become active.

21-Oct-2019 18:41:45

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