Getting my mom to play RS3

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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How do I get my mom to play runescape 3 when she doesn't have internet and her pc is from 2007? Libary PCs are unsafe and she doesn't want to go to my friend's house since it's too far. And I don't have a second screen so she can use my old PC. Any help?

23-Aug-2019 21:54:55



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well either way without internet she simply can't so having a second screen is irrelevant , start off by getting the internet , maybe a cheap laptop (plenty of cheap ones out there with the capability of playing RS3.

23-Aug-2019 22:21:19

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Do you know debit/credit cards actually run Java? There's a little CPU in those things that powers on everytime you use it and does the maths that verifies your transaction. Since the Java client still exists, you might be able to make RS run on your mums debit card.

23-Aug-2019 23:21:57

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24-Aug-2019 07:55:24

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