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02-May-2019 19:18:40

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simbadd94 said:
Hello everyone,

sorry i did not know how to contact the customer support through email, so putting the matter here.

redacted name
", a lvl 3 account was impersonating as a staff of jagex, and gave this link "
redacted website
" in which you have to fill your details including your email, passwords and bank pins, as an application for PMOD.

Please Beware of such sites and players, as Jagex Never asks you your password/bank pin/ anything to compromise your account security.

In case any one knows how to report such things through email to the customer care please reply.

These people should be immediately reported for staff impersonation, you should be no means ever follow any dodgy web addresses and input your login details. Jagex doesn't need any of that, they have a secure message center of there own that isn't the lobby.

I've hidden your post and quoted the pertinent parts removing the name for naming and shaming something you can't do here. Along with removing the website in question no need to provide these people with free advertising. I'd suggest running both an anti-viral and anti-malware scan both in
safe mode
to ensure no lasting damage is done to your computer.
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02-May-2019 19:23:39



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yes i have already reported the player for staff impersonation, but he has not been banned yet. i have proof for it, so if i knew how to mail them to the concerned please let me know.

05-May-2019 09:57:25

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If you reported in game then it's only a matter of time till Jagex ban the account. I'm sure he/she has not just sent you a pm but many other accounts and they too will have made a report.

Jagex will ban it like they do all the other fake staff accounts that try this trick method out to hack people.
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05-May-2019 10:19:13

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12-May-2019 11:44:06

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Why do people fall for it? If it doesn't have httpS and, don't login.

@simbadd94 did you login on the website, because you might want to change your password then. Also you're trying to get other people hacked now, remove the link.

Site is offline, but still remove the link.

Link is gone. :3
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