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It would be the daily gp we bum from Anja. A room is built in Jagex HQ where we can bum Anja for that gp. Anja would give the gp for free after begging, but there would be a fee to enter that room (but I get free trip to Jagex HQ because my idea).

Krystelle said:
Would it have the RS logo imprinted? Wise old man's face?

No! What sense would that make? Wise old man is a criminal who robbed the bank and stole a blue partyhat from a legit player. Besides, why would anyone buy something with a face of an old man? It should have a picture of Anja on one side, and the words "From Anja with love" on the other side.
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Daibhi said:
Krystelle said:
would you buy an RS gold coin if it was actually made of gold?


It'll be gold plated, Jagex wouldn't make entire coins made of gold if they ever done this.

They could even make the gold plates on the coin from something else, some alloys of metals have very similar colours.
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Make them from chocolate in gold tinfoil and I'm sure they would sell.

I would think the coins would have pictures of the leaders from where they were minted, King Roald for Varrock, Dwarves I am sure would make their own coins since they mine gold, and other Human run region s would probably have their leaders faces on coins. I get the feeling the elves wouldn't make coins but might use them.

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I'd buy one as a collectors item. Let's keep in mind that when the aliens take over humankind and our economies collapse, Chuck E. Cheese tokens will become the new currency in the U.S.

Therefore it only makes sense that Jagex follows suit with mass production of real life geepee coins for the UK.

edit: Chuck E. Cheese tokens for those who don't know what that is:

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