Cosmetic Override Issue

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Jul Member 2019


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I've recently started playing this game again after a year off, and my account for some reason has no access to any cosmetic over ride. I cant even use the ones unlocked from quest, that was able to use the last time i played. Whenever i click on the wardrobe interface, i just get the message "There are no result. Try changing availability filter." I've toggled every filter on and off to no avail. I cant even preview any over ride, i have zero access to this content. I'm hoping its a simple fix, what am I missing?

08-Jun-2019 14:18:05

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I suspect you've got the filters set wrong. Even I barely understand how the cosmetics wardrobe works..

Try toggling the show by availability/source options, and make sure it's actually showing you the ones that are available.

Also welcome back.

08-Jun-2019 14:30:10

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Did you solve this as I have the same problem been back a month and used it last month to change hat - found Black Santa in bank lol! but today did Call of the Ancestors and wanted to see what the war paints looked like but now nothing is showing as available have toggled everything no idea what to do now

09-Jun-2019 11:18:04

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