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Not many players look at the forums, so your suggestion would still be a surprise to most players if implemented, even if posted on the forums.

Posting on the forums would be good for weeding out good from bad ideas and giving you criticism, good or bad, on the idea.

It would be a chance for other players to help improve the idea if it is a good one, and potentially point out why it would or might not be as good an idea as you think it is.

There have been a lot of times where players thought they had a great and new idea and it had been suggested hundreds of times before such as horses or mounts, and wasn't anything new after all, or had already been done, or there were reasons why it wasn't done or shouldn't be done.

Often there are things the person with the idea didn't think of for why it should not be done, or ways it could be better.

If the idea is a good idea it will stand up to scrutiny, and if its not you will quickly know what other players think of the idea and maybe not waste your time with something other players don't want. Of course not everyone has to like an idea for it to be appealing to a niche group, so be prepared to defend the idea , but also be prepared for it to be shot down.

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Several of my suggestions have been added to the game over the years, but they are often changed from the original idea and combined with ideas from other players and Jmods.

A big example would be the Grand Exchange.

The Grand Exchange began as a suggestion for a "Trading Hub", which would make it easier to find other players buying or selling the things you wanted. My suggestion did not include trading through NPCs, now known as Grand Exchange Clerks, or being able to trade while offline, that was added by Jmods. It did include there being a bank in the center of an octagon, the bank being the hub, and it did include symbols for what would be traded in each triangle around the hub, between the spokes like a wagon wheel. There are NPCs around the Grand Exchange with the symbols for the trading categories, and there used to be symbols on the floor, maybe there still are I don't remember. The symbols were in the original suggestion. The name Grand Exchange was not in the original suggestion, I called it a trading hub. Boxes to store armour and save bank space for armour sets was included in the original suggestion. So you can see, the suggestion was added but changed from the original suggestion to some degree, but is unmistakably based on my trading hub suggestion.

The point of the above is to make you aware even if Jagex does use your suggestion, it may not be exactly the same as what you suggested, and you may or may not like the changes, additions, or removal of parts of the idea.

You also may get no credit in game for the idea, as I never got credit for any of my many suggestions that were added in game.

You might imagine something being for high level players, but Jagex might see it as better suited for mid level or low level players.

You could see something as being a monster drop, but Jagex could instead add it to crafting.

You might see something as a Halloween idea, but Jagex might add it as part of a quest having nothing to do with Halloween.

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