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Just on the topic of dg tokens, I think one of the reasons they are so readily available from Treasure Hunter (TH) and mystery boxes etc. is because Dungeoneering is the perhaps the only skill in the game which has tokens consistently attached to it and you can only obtain tokens by training the skill.

Players who rely on TH to gain xp may easily purchase dungeoneering xp, but they will not be able to earn tokens unless they actually do some dungeoneering. So I guess Jagex sees a need to include them in TH in order to balance this out.

(I understand slayer is probably the only other skill that has 'points', but these are not as easily forecastable as dungeoneering tokens and they vary according to task. With dungeoneering, you train the skill and you are guaranteed an additional 10% of xp in the form of tokens.)
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