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So I was doing the online gaming thing when Runescape first came out but it was mostly text based games. Now that Osrs is on mobile I figured I had some free time and I'd try it. So far I'm loving it but...

How do I do any quest? I mean I've done quests. I have 6 quest points but all the ones I started that aren't the very first starter ones I can't do. The monsters are too high level.... So how do I do it?

Grind goblins and chickens till I'm combat level 50 or something? I'm only level 23 right now. I know runescape is a slow game, just want some player comparisons. Perhaps some pro tips. And yes, I am a member.

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Hi, I would highly recommend slayer. That will help gain combat levels needed for higher end Quests. Make sure you do some of the first few required quests. I mainly did all of the Free player quests before I became a member myself. That was back way before OSRS even came out. :P

From there, just camp at some monsters areas. Something higher than goblins and chickens.. Maybe ghouls, vampires, druids, Hill Giants, Moss Giants. Something close to your CB level.

Most of all, have fun. That's what this is all about. Don't rush anything. And if you have questions we're all here to aid you.

Happy Scaping!

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