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Mod William

Mod William

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1st December 2014


  • Ariane now has the correct chat head during the Heart of Stone quest.

  • The drawers in the witch's house will no longer change colour when opened.

  • Several wall-mounted candles have been moved upstairs in the Varrock east bank.

  • Several wall-mounted swords and shields have been moved closer to the wall in Varrock castle's courtyard.

  • A rogue black square hanging around the Al Kharid palace has been removed.

  • A stretching issue with the Crown of Loyalty (3 year) has been resolved.

  • A palm tree on Ape Atoll is no longer split in two and floating.

  • A one-sided window has been removed from Player-Owned Ports' workshop.

  • Fixed some bloom issues on water and the strange device found during Nomad's Requiem.

  • A graphical issue has been corrected in the Elemental Workshop.

  • Some minor clipping in Gudrik's house has been fixed.

  • Apprentice Clara's stretching issues have been addressed.

  • A small graphical issue with a tree stump has been fixed near the Underground Pass.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • Barrows and Shadow dyes will now be broadcast to friends when won from a Treasure Trail.

  • The 'Subdue all Automatons' ability in Guthixian Caches will now award points.

  • An additional "S" in a certain anagram clue has been moved.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • Several typos in the Heart of Stone quest have been fixed.

  • Additional feedback now displays on the tracker puzzle during Heart of Stone.

  • Kipple will now speak to players if they return to the Wizards' Tower.

  • Dialogue has been added to inform players of where they can find Kipple during Heart of Stone.

  • Kipple is no longer able to forage for items.

  • It is no longer possible to speak to other instances of Kipple during the Heart of Stone quest.

  • Leela can once again be found above the Draynor prison after a defence skill reset.

  • The getaway boat in Stolen Hearts will no longer sail though the cliff-side.

  • The combat level for earth elementals in the Elemental Workshop III's quest journal has been corrected.

  • Updated the Merlin's Crystal quest start journal to reflect recent changes to the combat level calculation.

  • The cultist's combat level in the Hazeel Cult quest journal has been corrected.

  • The Grand Candle achievement will no longer complete if the player attempts to buy a candle but fails due to lack of money.

  • Tin ore no longer counts towards the basic mining challenge to mine copper ore.


  • The Disruption Shield spell now shares the same effect in PvM situations.

  • Players who completed the Thanksgiving 2014 event can now use the turkey herald cape crest.

  • Goliath gloves now have a base accuracy value of 1694, and are correctly counted as a two-handed weapon for the strength value.

  • The Voice of Seren stones in the Max Guild now update correctly.

  • The tick box to load Beast of Burden presets alongside bank presets is now unchecked by default.

  • Pickaxes and hatchets had their accuracy improved to match that of its tier. Their strength remains unchanged.

  • The healing values of some barbarian mix potions have been updated.

  • Locating crystal trees will now add the clue message to the players chat box.

  • Diango now only offers prismatic versions of skill pendants, which can be converted into any skill the player has unlocked.

  • Antifire potions will no longer stop having an effect before they run out.

  • Interacting with familiars via the summoning icon will now respond as expected.

  • Players can no longer run through the pillars of the watchtower north of Varrock.

  • Players will no longer be forced to walk a square back when standing on a specific tiles north of the crop field by the Grand Exchange.

  • Signs of the porter now bank snake weed when collecting from jungle vines, rather than when picked up.

  • The attuned ectoplasmator now correctly consumes a charge when equipped while killing demons and ghosts.

Ninja fixes:

  • The TokHaar-Kal-Ket entry in the player-owned house cape rack has been updated, and entries have been added for the TokHaar-Kal-Xil (Ranged) and TokHaar-Kal-Mej (Magic).

  • Players can now optionally choose to skull themselves via Mr Ex in Edgeville.

  • Players are now able to obtain multiple ectophials.

  • Players may now claim multiple agile armour parts.

  • There is now an overlay that shows approval rating when on Miscellania.

  • The 'You don't have a target' message will now only appear once per minute unfiltered.

01-Dec-2014 10:44:05

Mod William

Mod William

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8th December 2014


  • The branches of the yew tree next to Lumbridge Church no longer clip through the walls

  • The gravedigger top now has arms when keepsaked

  • A house has been added to the minimap in Ashdale

  • Players no longer render invisibly if a player looks through certain parts of a willow tree

  • Fixed some flickering on a window in the Varrock sword shop

  • Added a transportation icon on the world and minimap for balloon transportation near Varrock's lumber yard

  • Fixed an issue with drawers clipping through a wall in Brimhaven

  • Several Varrock emblems have been updated

  • Suak the Dwarf in the Artisans' Workshop no longer floats above the ground

  • An out-of-place water source icon on the minimap at the northern Lumbridge chicken farm has been moved

  • The chain links on the anchor near the entrance to the Heist minigame are now fully visible

  • Removed an unneeded tree from the Meilyr area of Prifddinas

  • Removed some trees from the Cadarn area of Prifddinas

  • The buildings in Lumbridge no longer has green walls or pink roofs, and the wigwams at Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza are no longer blue in low detail

  • Dropping certain items around energy rifts will no longer cause them to float

  • Some minor clipping issues in Underground Pass have been corrected

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • The camera is now fixed in cutscene mode until the end of the Hefin Agility Course

  • A typo on the D&D tracker entry for Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza has been fixed

  • The icons used on the Rune Goldberg Machine have been changed to be more identifiable for colour-blind players

  • A particularly skilled penguin spy who could hide in a blocked area of Isafdar now spawns in a more suitable location

  • Treasure Hunter item tooltips no longer display over the rewards screen

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • The Plague's End boss music no longer plays when music volume is muted

  • The combat level for the toughest opponent in the Witch's House quest journal has been corrected

  • Prevented players from being able to walk around certain swampy sections of Underground Pass

  • Players can now complete a certain god emissary task meant for Varrock square by planting their flag / lighting a bonfire south of the Christmas tree

  • Players will no longer receive daily challenges for combination potions they have not unlocked


  • The camera no longer resets to face north when performing various actions across the game

  • When delivering tinsel snakes, players with a low Summoning level are now asked if they want to claim the Summoning XP

  • Players can now decant 5 & 6 dose flasks back to 4 dose potions via Teplin

  • A message now displays in the chatbox when receiving an expensive drop with the Christmas loot beam effect active

  • The click zone on the crystal resting animation has been reduced

  • Lady Ithell now has a bank PIN on the crystal seed storage

  • Extended the bank's healing effect in the Tower of Voices and Max Guild of Prifddinas

  • All 'of the (clan name)' titles will now appear in the correct clan colours

  • Soft clay mined in the Ithell area of Prifddinas will now respawn at the same rate as normal clay

  • Dyed noxious weapon special attacks will now work correctly in PvM and PvP

  • Panning trays no longer stall damage

  • It is no longer possible to cast certain abilities faster than normal with manual spell casting enabled

  • Crystal pickaxes and hatchets will now protect on death correctly

  • A swamp toad by the Tree Gnome Stronghold has been washed ashore

  • Implings are no longer able to find their way up the cliffsides at Shantay Pass

  • Players will no longer disconnect when trying to switch keepsaked boots in the Stronghold of Security

  • The price checker will now display the price of multiple items correctly in Ironman Mode

  • Fixed a few issues with songs playing in the wrong locations around RuneScape

  • Made various miscellaneous audio improvements, such as tweaking water sounds from some fountains and rivers, and updating the God Wars Dungeon music tracks

  • The gemstone golem and rune ethereal outfits can now be retrieved from Diango if they are keepsaked

Ninja fixes

  • Players can now find out how many anagogic orts they have collected today via a right-click option on them

  • The left-click option on the charming imp is now 'Wear' as opposed to 'Talk-to'

  • The Robin Hood hat has been tweaked for male characters to sit better on the head

  • The growth stages for oak and willow trees in Farming patches has been graphically updated

  • Presets can now be loaded while an aura is active

  • Starting horns and racing boots have been removed from the game to stop gambling

  • Players will no longer see achievement banner text from a player on their ignore list

  • Several abilities and spells will no longer cause the player to stand still when attempting to move at the same time, causing the player to appear like they're running faster to catch up


  • The snow effect in the console has been re-enabled

  • An issue with bloom in OpenGL being offset when using a resized game view has been fixed

  • An animation movement issue in HTML5 has been fixed

08-Dec-2014 11:38:23

Mod William

Mod William

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15th December 2014


  • Using Turmoil/Anguish/Torment curses will no longer reset the weapons' animation to that of the worn one rather than the keepsaked one.

  • Fishing animations will no longer loop on every attempt in Dungeoneering.

  • The correct gem animation is now played when opening a Treasure Hunter chest.

  • Some gaps outside the Max Guild have been fixed.

  • Several missing polygons for the Max Guild balcony and crystal supports have been restored.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • It is now possible to withdraw items from a beast of burden during Dominion Tower Rumble Mode.

  • Dominion weaponry can now be used in Dominion Tower Rumble Mode.

  • Dagannoth sentinels in Dominion Tower Rumble Mode no longer attack players who are spectating survivors.

  • Delrith will now use his special attack in Dominion Tower Rumble Mode against rangers and mages.

  • The message displayed when the player uses a Vigorous orb power up in Dominion Tower's
  • Rumble Mode now references special attack energy rather than adrenaline in Legacy Mode.

  • Players can no longer buy multiple extreme dominion medallions.

  • Updated the Hefin Agility Course so that it can be completed in fixed-screen Legacy mode. The course overlay is now smaller and can be moved, and cutscene mode is no longer used while on the course.

  • Players can no longer kill implings with familiar attacks.

  • Patch protection scrolls now work with the tree patch in the Trahaearn section of Prifddinas.

  • Skillchompas now work correctly at the Lava Flow Mine.

  • Returning to Treasure Hunter after logging into the game will now show the correct window.

  • Clan avatars are now smaller, and the right click options are now hidden for players not in the relevant clan except in PvP situations.

  • Ironmen may now play Dominion Tower’s rumble mode on their own.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • Players may no longer claim weekly replay lamps from Broken Home early.

  • An uncommon situation which could prevent further progress at the climax of Broken Home has been resolved.

  • Fletching twigs in the Phoenix Lair will no longer take an excessively long time to finish.

  • The troll general's combat level has been fixed.

  • Some missing chat in the Void Stares Back quest has been restored.


  • Achievement banners can no longer be placed in PvP areas.

  • Disabled resting animation overrides in PVP areas.

  • Groups of customisation overrides with different palettes now recolour correctly when applied together.

  • Recolours now remain on weapon overrides after unequipping weapons.

  • Players can now only retrieve items from a divine box trap if they have at least one free inventory space.

  • An issue where chat focus was lost at the advanced Barbarian Agility course has been resolved.

  • Players will no longer use up too much vis wax if the buttons are pressed too quickly.

  • Iorwerth and Cadarn elves can no longer be lured to the Tower of Voices.

  • Players will no longer receive a message saying they can cast disruption shield again if they
  • hadn't used the spell.

  • The Twitch stream window will no longer resize itself when tabbed.

  • An issue preventing players from picking up clockwork cats has been fixed.

  • An issue where familiar options were appearing while "Hide familiar options" was toggled on has been fixed.

  • The rate at which handcannons explode has been reduced.

Ninja fixes:

  • The message received when attempting to use an ability on a chompy bird is now filtered.

  • The Cooking Make-X table will now always default to the first eligible item in the player's inventory.

  • There is now a timer on the buff/debuff panel for anti-poison.

  • Hans has regained the ability to walk.

  • The XP display pop-up can now be toggled between level and skill based targets in the interface settings window.

  • Players can now place the Clan vexillum from the inventory.

  • The Quickchat options 'My Divination level is...' and 'I have gathered...' are now in the main Divination category.

  • There is no longer a scroll bar on the achievements tab when choosing a task set.

  • The growth stages for maple trees in Farming patches have been graphically updated.

  • Some Player-Owned House models have been updated to reflect changes made on the surface world.

  • Butterflies in Prifddinas no longer show above shadow creatures.

  • Elf city capes can now be added to a Player Owned House cape rack.

15-Dec-2014 15:00:41

Mod William

Mod William

Jagex Moderator Forum Profile Posts by user
5th January 2015


  • Off-hand weapon override recolours are now saved correctly.

  • An obsolete tree canopy has been removed from the Trahaearn District.

  • Players wearing gold athlete's legs will now perform the correct animation when resting with the Arcane Resting animation activated.

  • Players no longer float near the Prifddinas God Statue site.

  • A gap in the underside of the curved walkway between the Cadarn and Trahaearn Districts has been fixed.
  • Players using familiar scroll abilities with a pet override active will no longer stretch out of proportion.

  • Certain tail overrides no longer stretch while Hefin serenity posts are being used.

  • Adjusted the colours of the Seren's symbol necklace chain to be gold across all variations.

  • Aligned the Edgeville Wilderness level to the wall correctly.

  • The transition travelling between Waterbirth Island and Rellekka has been fixed.

  • Ghostly druid head eyes now glow correctly on male models.

  • The magic butterfly net will now override one-handed weapons correctly.

  • Sextant graphics have been added to the Tool Belt interface.

  • Skyshadow boots now appear as the correct black colour in low detail.

  • Fixed a couple of gaps in the scenery in the Meilyr area.

  • Blocking has been added to the rocks along the waterfalls on Lunar Isle.

  • Fixed a tile by the Prifddinas shadow rift that made players sink to ground slightly.

  • The replica Torag's platelegs cosmetic override has been adjusted so that player's leg does not clip with the armour.

  • Max now uses the updated High Alchemy and pestle and mortar animations.

  • A patch of blocking that was missing in the Underground Pass has been added.

  • A blocking issue in the gnome maze has been fixed.

  • An issue where the Handstand animation would not play properly has been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • Ironman characters may now play The Great Orb Project. Rewards are restricted to the cosmetic outfits and a single Blood Altar teleport.

  • The talent scout near the Hefin Agility Course now gives the player a full minute to talk to him when invited to The Pit.

  • Searching or attacking a snowpile while hunting will now mention snow piles and not bushes.

  • Players can now use a monthly reset token on the God Statues D&D if they have completed 4 statues without access to the 5th Prifddinas statue.

  • The God Statues D&D Tracker interface no longer shows an incorrect completed statues total.
    Players can now enter the Crucible minigame via the tutorial.

  • Delrith in Dominion Tower now has a death animation if the skip victory cutscene option is active.

  • The Balance Elemental in Dominion Tower now switches combat styles faster.

  • Some voiceover issues with Damis in Dominion Tower.

  • Dominion and Ascendancy mines are no longer considered non-stackable when checking for free space when purchasing.

  • Re-rolling a clue scroll reward will no longer state that another clue has been completed on the
  • Adventurer's Log.
  • The antipoison elixir in the Vengeance Fremennik Saga will now work as intended.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • Players can now complete the Medium Tirannwn Task 'Harrowed Lands' on the fairy ring island in the Poison Waste.

  • The Task 'Can I Have some Morvran?' is no longer completed if the player has extended, but not preferred their slayer assignment.

  • The "Papa Pawya" Tirannwn Task can now be completed using papaya grown within Prifdinnas.
    The following changes have been made to the 'Xena-Phile' Tirannwn Task:

    • Players who have not completed the task will now receive a free attuned crystal weapon seed from Lady Ithell as long as they have not dropped anything in the past 10 minutes and do not possess an attuned crystal weapon seed or an attuned crystal weapon. This also applies to Lady Ithell's storage.

    • The guaranteed attuned weapon seed drop from combat elves has been removed.

    • Players who possess an attuned crystal weapon but have not completed the Task can revert their weapon into a seed at the crystal singing bowl and sing another weapon to complete the Task.

    • The Task can now be completed by making any attuned crystal weapon.

    • Players who claim an attuned crystal weapon seed and choose not to sing a weapon but destroy the seed instead can claim a new one the following week. Players will not be able to do so once the Task has been completed.

  • Ironman players will no longer receive Flash Powder Factory or Construction-based Stealing Creation daily challenges.

  • The final battle in the Heart of Stone quest no longer has a cap on ranged or melee damage.

  • The shortcut to the lower levels in the Lumbridge Catacombs is no longer closed after Heart of Stone is completed.

  • Aeonising Raispher is now better at teleporting players to Paterdomus during Darkness of Hallowvale.

  • A typo in the 'Can I Have some Morvran?' Task description has been fixed.

  • Several references to Fate of the Gods have been added to Xenia's chat during Heart of Stone.

  • Several pieces of chat have been added to Azzanadra about the events in Heart of Stone.

  • Chicken, fox and grain during Recruitment Drive are now visible when picked up by player and it is no longer possible to smuggle them out of the quest.

  • A case in which Pikkupstix requested earlier objects after giving the player the Rare ingredients in Wolf Whistle has been resolved.

  • Some level 33 Defence requirements have been removed from functions on the explorer's ring.

  • Players can now run underwater during the relevant section of the Great Brain Robbery quest.

  • Gaining level 75 in the relevant skills for Plagues' End is now mentioned in the skill advance messages.

  • Hartwin will now continue following when entering the trapdoor at the Chaos Temple.

  • Players are no longer able to use Legendary Pet abilities to access their inventory while marooned on the island during Hunt for Red Raktuber.

  • The Brink of Extinction quest journal rewards no longer mentions Treasure Hunter Keys twice.

  • Players no longer become invisible after being teleported to the prison in the Cold War quest.

  • Nature spirit now correctly states the quest start location.

  • Players no longer get extra dialogue every time they tell their cat to chase vermin when able to speak to it during the Ratcatchers quest.

  • Cats are now more effective at catching rats during the Ratcatchers quest.

  • An issue where the outside world would look torn when facing the rat king during the Ratcatchers quest has been fixed.

  • The quest journals of the following quests have been updated to reflect combat level calculation changes:

    • Another Slice of HAM

    • The Chosen Commander

    • Creature of Fenkenstrain

    • Death to the Dorgeshuun

    • The Feud

    • Fight Arena

    • Grand Tree

    • The Knight's Sword

    • Land of the Goblins

    • Missing My Mummy

    • Monkey Madness

    • My Arm's Big Adventure

    • Olaf's quest

    • Priest in Peril

    • Shilo Village
    • Spirits of the Elid

    • Tree Gnome Village

    • Troll Romance

    • Vampyre Slayer

    • Wanted!

    • Waterfall quest

    • Zogre Flesh Eaters


  • A toggleable UTC-based clock overlay has been added.

  • Attuned weapons and armour now degrade to seed rather than to dust.

  • Attuned crystal chakrams will no longer drop to the floor when thrown.

  • Buying another hour in a private bossing instance is now cheaper if the relevant Soul Reaper perk is unlocked.

  • The hunt range of Nex has been increased, so she will now find the player more easily upon spawning.

  • Dragon slayer gloves now provide the correct boosts when fighting celestial dragons on assignment.

  • Grand Exchange guide prices now also appear when examined from the Dragonkin coffer beneath the Queen Black Dragon lair.

  • The Kalphite Queen (plus Exiled) no longer drops oyster pearls in an unnoted form.

  • Various drops within Hard Mode God Wars boss fights now drop in a noted form.

  • Dharok can now be killed by Sunshine or Death's Swiftness in Rise of the Six.

  • Unicorn horns dropped by Ice nihils are now noted.

  • Players may now purchase items directly within the Wardrobe interface.

  • Verac the Defiled is now affected by the Ghost Hunter armour's benefits.

  • Divination XP pop-ups no longer stack up under certain circumstances.

  • Players can no longer teleport while playing the Ithell district harps.

  • Skillcape hoods now grant 2000/3000 coins depending on the alchemy spell used.

  • Players can now only save bank presets when in a bank.

  • Death will once again automatically initiate the death tutorial conversation after dying for the first time.

  • Abbot Langley now heals the correct amount of life points.

  • The "Zaros Zeitgeist", "The Chosen Commander", "Temple Desecration", and "The Duke" songs have been reworked.

  • The volume on tracks "Violinsanity" and "Flash Factory" has been reduced.

  • Some music tracks from the Al-Kharid area were noticeably louder than others so have been toned down slightly.

  • A wider range of elven city music tracks will now play when standing in the Tower of Voices.

  • Siphoning from an enriched spring now has audio.

  • The sound effect for opening and closing the Bank interface has been removed.

  • Updated the sounds for cutting and shaping canoes.

  • A typo has been fixed in Prifddinas's memoriam crystals 14 and 16.

  • An issue which prevented players from removing the Menagerie room from their player-owned house has been resolved.

  • The 'Join Friend' function no longer teleports players to the Wilderness lodestone if the friend is playing Fist of Guthix.

  • Players attempting to use the Join option from the friends list to teleport to their friends within Prifddinas will now be taken to the correct lodestone.

  • The amulet of nature no longer refers to the tree patch in Prifddinas as a fruit tree.

  • The Rellekka Slayer Caves teleport option that is displayed when the ring of slaying or the slayer helm are activated has been renamed to "Fremennik Slayer Dungeon" to remain consistent with the name of the dungeon elsewhere.

  • Pouches for pig summoning familiars can now be withdrawn as bank notes.

  • Hard leather boots now appear on the Crafting skill guide.

  • Bank chests on Neitiznot now have a collect option.

  • Elnock will now remember that he's taken your butterfly/magic butterfly net when exchanging with him.

  • The value of the asylum surgeon's ring for the items kept on death interface has been increased.
  • Players can now use Enchant Onyx tablets on hydrix jewelry.

  • Searching a desk in Witchaven no longer plays a smithing animation.

  • Crystal-flecked sandstone now states Plague's End as a requirement in the Mining skill guide.

  • Living minerals will now be transported to players' banks in the correct amounts if wearing a sign of the porter instead of only one.

  • Black demons in Edgeville Dungeon are aggressive once again.

  • Increased frequency of oak log generation by Giant Ent familiars slightly.

  • An issue that prevented stranger plant familiars producing strange fruit has been fixed.

  • Spang is now in one location instead of two.

  • Updated the "Would you please help me fight...?" quickchat message to add new bosses, and to remove the Queen Black Dragon entry as it is a solo fight.

  • Changed references to renamed Ancient Magic elements on Fumus, Umbra and Cruor's examine texts.

  • The Praetor title now has a space before players' display names.

  • Players will no longer be teleported to Lumbridge if they log out in the God Wars Dungeon under certain circumstances.

  • A typo on the Bandos-attuned PvM max guild portal has been fixed.

  • The obsolete 'check charges' option the on cosmetic pumpkin amulets has been removed.

  • Naff's battlestaff shop will now inform players about the available amount to purchase when a bank pin is entered upon opening the shop.
  • Fixed issue with Elf City crystal chimes not being equippable from bank.

  • Shadow cores are now listed as members only in the Divination skillguide.

  • Players are no longer kicked to their own house's portal when expelled from another player's house in Prifddinas.

  • Recoloured variants of Ranger boots now have stats matching the standard green pair.

  • Receiving a draconic visage from the Queen Black Dragon coffers will now broadcast to friends.
  • Fixed several issues with the bone spear and dagger.

  • Tweaked the cape information dialogue at the end of the Fight Kiln to reflect the earned capes combat style and the players' chosen combat mode.

  • A confirmation window now displays when dropping Void Knight robes.

  • Protean planks may now be used to build grapevine frames.

  • Forceful Backhand now correctly deals the stated 200% weapon damage to stun-immune targets.

  • It is now possible to unlock and lock the action bar in the Combat Academy area.

  • Choosing Zenevivia's dark stone-themed house will now correctly apply it.

  • Charging elemental orbs now display as a members' activity in the Magic skill guide.

  • The large gnomeball configuration interface now supports Legacy Mode.

  • Tweaked some dialogue in the Blue Moon Inn in which female characters referred to themselves in masculine terms.

  • The message to inform players of divine implings disturbed by tree-shaking scrimshaws has been corrected.

  • The message for daily challenge item hand-in now references Heriau instead of Fara if relevant.

  • Players can once again remove their mounted glory amulet from their player-owned house.

  • Changed the Stronghold of Security to reward players for having an authenticator enabled as JAG can no longer be activated.

  • The title reward for the "Most Deaths" hiscore has been updated to the prefix: "The Late".

  • The in-floor Dungeoneering timer no longer displays the wrong time.

  • Updated various NPC chat to remove references to the ongoing Battle of Lumbridge.

  • The 'trade complete' jingle for the Grand Exchange has been updated.

  • Transmuting charms now converts up to 10 charms at a time.

  • The magic shortbow special attack is no longer accessible on free-to-play worlds.

Ninja fixes:

  • Cleansing crystals are now a bit cheaper and offer slightly more Prayer XP.

  • Information has been added to the Titles interface about how to unlock certain elven titles.

  • Amlodd shadow pet parts now display a loot beam.

  • Players will now get a message when their harmony moss pillar is fully grown.

  • Players can now reroll a harmony pillar at the cost of 10 vis wax.

  • Players now gain significantly more Farming XP from harvesting harmony moss pillars.

  • Killing edimmu is now more rewarding - the super one even more so.

  • Players can now check how many times they have completed the statue of Rhiannon at both the Max Guild and in the Tower of Voices.

  • The chance for attuned weapon and armour seeds to drop from killing a Cadarn/Iorwerth elf has been significantly increased.

  • The harmonic dust cost to create attuned weapons and shields has been reduced.

  • The harmonic dust cost to create crystal tools at a singing bowl and Eluned's coin fee to create or recharge crystal tools has been greatly reduced.

  • The Remote Farm spell now works on harmony moss pillars.

  • The elf crystal and games necklace teleport interfaces have been updated.

  • Battlestaves can now be bought in noted form from Lunar isle and Prifddinas.

  • A loot beam will now appear for keys in Dungeoneering upon opening doors. This can be toggled by turning off loot beams in Death's Office.

  • Creating a Dungeoneering party will now automatically select the lowest floor and highest complexity available.

  • Players can now quick chat how many slayer assignments they have completed in a row.

  • A server broadcast now displays when a player achieves 104,273,167 XP.

  • The options on the Queen Black Dragon grotworm dungeon shortcut.

  • Keris will now appear in players' gravestones when they die.

  • The animation for summoning a follower has been slightly tweaked.

  • Players can now automatically fill certain items from within the bank without withdrawing them first, such as Runecrafting pouches.

  • Numerous animations in Legacy Mode will no longer stop the player from running.

  • Numerous NPCs have had stretching issues fixed.

  • Numerous barbarians have had their models and animations tweaked so that they now hold their weapons correctly.

  • The off-hand chaotic crossbow (broken) now uses the correct equipped model.

  • Players can now walk while sending off urns instead of standing still then running to catch u

  • The right-click previous destination option on the Home Teleport button now states what the destination is.

  • Chickens' walk animations are now more fluid.

  • Graphically updated Geoffrey Flax in the Seers' Village flax field.

  • The leather crafting animation has been updated.

  • Players can now see more information about their opponents buff/debuffs by hovering over the effect.

  • Spider leg parts will now appear on the Adventurer's Log.

  • There is now a left-click 'Water' option on allotment, hops and flower patches.

  • Players are now able to use Charge, Surge and Escape inside God Wars hard mode instances.

  • Graphically updated the War Tortoise familiar.

  • The Price Checker interface is now the left-click option on the coin pouch.

  • Players now automatically deposit their clay tools at the end of a Stealing Creation game.

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12th January 2015


  • The colour of the Seren's symbol necklace chain has been adjusted to be silver across all variations, based upon player feedback.

  • The colon on the UTC clock interface no longer flashes.

  • Bows overridden with crossbows will no longer appear to fire an arrow in the animation for Snipe.

  • The Ethereal Mimic now uses the updated emotes during the quest.

  • Shadow to Praetor and Praetor to Shadow emotes no longer cause graphical issues when used while adding logs to bonfire.

  • Particles for the Snowman legs no longer float away from the player when Zen Resting.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • Resolved an issue in which players in the doubled up role during the Penance King fight could claim both their own and their teammate's flamethrower.

  • Certain NPCs no longer ignore players holding clue scrolls that aren't directed to them.

  • Certain implings will no longer retaliate against the player if caught using a binding spell.

  • An issue with the held position of the ice sickle override - both in and out of combat - has been resolved.

  • The chatbox now consistently states that the player is using their head to mine with the Headbutt Mining animation override active.

  • Gold and Platinum Rush of Blood now states the correct quest requirements.

  • A spelling error in the Sandwich Lady's court case has been fixed.

  • Players will now re-equip upon entering a Sinkhole, if a hoardstalker ring is received.

  • Players will no longer be able to continue adding herbs to vials when they have no vials of water left in their inventory.

  • An issue where frozen Treasure Hunter promotion slots would occasionally turn off has been fixed.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • Updated references to "Elena" in the Elite Tirannwn Task Set to "Elen".

  • Robes of Elidinis now have correct capitalisation.

  • While Guthix Sleeps no longer specifically shows 65 Defence as a requirement, as it is already required by a pre-requisite quest.

  • The Harmonic Dust daily challenge no longer requires players to hand in the harmonic dust to complete the challenge. The Crafting XP reward is unchanged.


  • Energy Drain Resting has been re-enabled. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

  • "Bank" is now the first option on the clan battlefield chest.

  • Various pieces of Christmas music have been removed from certain areas of Gielinor.

  • Updated Vorago's rotation in purple bomb goes around the clock face more quickly, with slightly increased damage reduction on blue/red/purple.
  • Players will no longer disconnect when they kill a version of K'ril Tsutsaroth in hard mode.

  • K'ril Tsutsaroth now shows the correct drop for his pet item.

  • The camera angle will no longer force zoom in when entering the Barrows mounds.

  • The position of the grave timer has been shifted slightly left in resizeable Legacy Mode to prevent it being obscured by the UTC clock.

  • It is no longer possible to obtain a permanent overload bonus from Araxxor.

  • Crafting stone bowls, gathering scales from stone fish and crafting mysterious essence will no longer stall damage.

  • Ultra growth potions now correctly set fruit tree patches to their "check health" state.

  • The blank observation from Heart of Stone is now bankable.

  • Harps can no longer be tuned by clicking on a well.

  • It is no longer possible to retune a PvM portal to its current destination.

  • A spelling mistake in Elfborne's chat has been fixed.

  • Players can no longer shoot through stone walls in the Black Knight's Fortress.

  • Black demons in Edgeville Dungeon now drop more than just infernal ashes.

  • Players can now cast Cure Plant on the various farming patches in Prifddinas.

  • Always-on chat mode is now re-enabled when leaving a cutscene.

  • Players will no longer receive a message saying their Enlightenment effect will run out even though it's already gone.

  • Bankers in Canifis will now face players all the time, rather than just when spoken to.

  • The superior log-splitting scrimshaw no longer highlights as craftable on the Make-X interface if the player boosts their Fletching level.

  • Charter ships will now take the right amount of coins for travelling to Port Phasmatys if using a Ring of Charos.

  • Fixed an error with the message given when the hoardstalker ring runs out of charges.

  • Players no longer re-enter the room they were already in when opening Draynor Manor's basement doors from certain map tiles.

  • Skypouncer adolescents will no longer pretend to be Bloodpouncers when stored in a menagerie.

  • The Grand Exchange purchase limit on silverhawk feathers, springs and magic note paper has been increased.

  • The music tracks "Ready For Battle" and "Return of Lucien" have been reworked.

  • The balloon pop sound in Falador's Party Room has been updated.

Ninja Fixes:

  • The Christmas loot beam has had a graphical upgrade.

  • There is now a left-click 'Feather' option on unfinished bolts.

  • There is now a left-click 'Tip' option on all arrow heads, bolt tips and dart tips.

  • Feet and dropped items no longer clip through the floor of the King Black Dragon lair.

  • Fire lighting animations have been updated.

  • Players can now combine all 8 elven clan capes into a master clan cape.

  • Players can now purchase Meilyr clan potion recipes from the reward shop for 500k tokens each.

  • Running a hard mode Dungeoneering floor has an increased chances of a Meilyr clan potion recipe spawning.

  • Players now have a higher chance at receiving a Meilyr clan potion recipe if they have 120 Dungeoneering.

  • The amount of Divination XP given when converting dark cores has been increased.

  • Players can now gain golden and shattered heart statue rocks from Artisans' Workshop.

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Mod William

Mod William

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26 January 2015


  • The bright bloom effect has been re-added to glacor boots, as per player feedback.

  • An issue with the running animation of the meerkats familiar has been fixed.

  • Equipped god capes are now removed from the player's avatar when destroyed from the Worn Equipment interface.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • The pickaxe provided in the TokTz-Ket-Dill fight in Dominion Tower now functions correctly against the creature.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • A new history book has been added in the Black Knights' Fortress to replace some of Sir Owen's dialogue. It can be stored in the Player-owned house bookcase. Credit to Kittyphantom, Robo Hobo, Fswe1 and Wahisietel for their collaboration on The History of the Kinshra.

  • The quest start screens of Ghosts Ahoy, In Search of the Myreque, Haunted Mine and One Small Favour have been updated to reflect combat level calculation changes.

  • A typo on the oak brazier used during Enakhra's Lament has been fixed.

  • A grammatical error - previously seen in the post-quest chat with 50 Ships Mufassah when reclaiming the pet - has been fixed.

  • A typo in the The Branches of Darkmeyer quest has been fixed.


  • Players can now use the 'Join' feature via their Clan Chat and Friends Chat interfaces.

  • The 'XP Gained' pop-up is no longer displayed over the life points icon in Legacy mode.

  • Ironman players can no longer use the Book of Char to light other players' logs.

  • Visitors to an Ironman player's house can no longer light their altar burners.

  • It is no longer possible to prevent other players from attacking each other by using a members' weapon in free-to-play worlds.

  • A Viking boat in Rellekka has been renamed to Fremennik boat.

  • The sign/portent of death will no longer deal damage to opponents when they are immune to damage.

  • Reworked the new poll notification system, so it displays less intrusively.

  • Choosing to visit the Game Guide while climbing over the Wilderness ditch will now load the correct page.

  • A reference to steel nails as members' objects has been removed.

  • The name of 'Pharaoh's sandals' has been corrected in the Wardrobe interface.

  • A spelling error in the Scabaras research book has been fixed.

  • The Adventurer's Log entry for receiving Torag's hammer no longer states 'hammers'.

Ninja Fixes:

  • The buff timer will display minutes instead of hours when a buff has over 60 minutes left.

  • Several cooking animations have been updated, including churning butter, picking wheat, and operating the windmill's hopper.

  • Combination potions can now be stored with a beast of burden.

  • Unfired and unstarted runed urns can now be stored in a beast of burden.

  • More titles will now show how they are unlocked when selected from the Titles interface.

  • Players will now receive meerkat pouches in noted form after completing a Treasure Trail.

  • Some old animations for scenery outside a house south of the Grand Exchange have been updated.

  • Players can now teleport while metamorphosed.


  • World map links to other maps no longer get blocked in HTML5.

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Mod William

Mod William

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2nd February 2015


  • A one-way window has been removed from the terracotta and azure versions of the Player-Owned Ports bar.

  • Some flickering issues in the fireplaces in Player-Owned Ports bars have been fixed.

  • The Deep-Sea Fishing animation override now plays correctly.

  • An issue with Ahrim stretching when casting fire spells has been fixed.

  • A minor graphical issue with the Subjugation armour set has been fixed.

  • An issue with overlapping of elements on the main parent interface has been fixed, as this was causing unwanted shadowing.

  • An animation issue for some of the Red Axe directors during Birthright of the Dwarves has been fixed.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • The Firemaking and Crafting skill guides now list the correct level requirements for elder pyre ships.

  • Crystal mage weaponry is now listed under the Weapons tab in the Magic skill guide.


  • Players will no longer change poses while chatting at the serenity posts.

  • The seasinger kiba and makigai, and the tetsu katana and wakizashi have been added to the relevant skillguides.

  • Killing Vorago in hard mode will no longer count 2 kills towards the relevant boss kills counter.

  • Players can no longer rename their golden chinchompa to 'Default Name'.

  • Familiar right-click options no longer display if they are set not to show.

  • Dragging salamanders from the Worn Equipment screen will now release them as expected.

  • Dwarven multicannons no longer fire at players' familiars in the Wilderness, as they do not fire at players.

  • Arrow keys will no longer move the camera when switching between Ports ships via the captain's log.

  • It is no longer possible to repeatedly call a pet.

  • Auras no longer have an effect on free worlds.

  • Passive versions of all Godswords will now drop the tradeable non-passive version in PvP if the player dies.

  • The hyphen between the option 'Add to tool belt' has been removed for all objects that are part of the tool belt, to keep consistency with hatchets and pickaxes.

Ninja Fixes:

  • Players can now quickly change worlds from in-game by opening the options menu (by pressing Esc) and selecting "Hop worlds", thanks to our dedicatedly deadly Ninja Team.

  • Examining a stack of coins on the ground will now display how many there are in the stack.

  • The global cooldown when creating gatestones has been removed.

  • Gems are now automatically stored in a gem bag when picked up.

  • The Catherby cooking house door is now opened by default.

  • Grappling over obstacles whilst wielding a salamander now has a new animation.

  • The Enlightenment scroll time out message now appears in red.

  • Certain large animations should no longer block players' click areas.


  • Entering a bank PIN into the Companion App should no longer take you to the bank instead of the page you were trying to access.

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Mod William

Mod William

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9th February 2015


  • The creepy doll will no longer attempt to play an animation on a player in combat.

  • An issue with the Hefin emotes and Arcane Resting has been fixed.

  • Meiyerditch citizens' skin tones now render correctly.

  • The background images in the Beasts tab for Commander Zilyana and Kree'arra, have been moved to their correct positions.

  • The open and closed versions of the drawers found in Falador's chainbody shop no longer uses different colours and texturing.

  • A one-way window has been removed from older versions of the Player-Owned Ports bar.

  • Feet and dropped items no longer clip through the floor of the Kal'gerion demon resource dungeon.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames

  • Players may now claim a second captain's log from Duncan.

  • The captain's log can now be added to the pocket slot, so users can perform all the functions of the captain's log and save an inventory slot!

  • Auto-cast spells will no longer be unset when entering Sinkholes.

  • Bone Face no longer lingers in the boss room while escaping from Thok.

  • It is no longer possible to dig up the plant patch on Harmony Island.

  • Players will no longer disconnect while training herblore if their familiar expires while holding herblore supplies.

  • An assassin will no longer spawn on a terracotta pot within the terracotta warehouse during the 'Simple Favour' Player-Owned Ports random event.

  • A typo on the Player-Owned Ports upgrade buildings interface for bars and lodgings has been fixed.

  • A typo in a Player-Owned Ports voyage has been fixed.

  • Hunter implings are no longer able to find their way up the cliffsides at Shantay Pass.

  • The combat level for Pest Control on the Minigame tab of the Adventures interface has been updated.

  • A typo previously shown when resetting the Tears of Guthix D&D with a D&D token has been fixed.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements

  • A typo has been fixed in the reminder message of the Tirannwn quiver when cleansing corrupted Seren stones.

  • The hint arrow for the HAM follower challenges will now point to the correct location.


  • Players can no longer walk through a wall on the north side of the uppermost floor in the Slayer Tower, near the gargoyles.

  • Some familiars now correctly act as a light source.

  • A typo in Hans's chat when asking about veteran capes has been fixed.

  • A few tiles around the Body Rune Altar will now allow players to step on them.

  • Fixed an issue with drop-down menus not displaying the current selection.

  • De-equipping an active aura on a free world no longer leaves the aura active.

  • It is no longer possible to stall damage by releasing a witch's cat.

  • The Provoke ability no longer grants special attack energy when used in Legacy Mode.

Ninja Fixes

  • The Big Chinchompa start time has been moved to 30 minutes past each hour.

  • Players can now close the Player-Owned Ports ship customisation windows with the 'Esc' key.
  • Boss timers will now always show by default.

  • Players can now select a faster wave spawn in the Fight Kiln.

  • Players can now use keybinds to cure plants in Livid Farm.

  • The insane 'Final Boss' title can now be unlocked by having a total of 5,000 boss kills with at least 100 kills on each boss, including hard mode and by having all boss pets unlocked (includes Vitalis, Bombi, Barrows bobbleheads and TzRek-Jad).

  • Dreadnips will no longer get blocked by players or NPCs.

  • Dreadnips will no longer attempt to stun a stunned NPC or a stun-immune NPC.

  • The World Hop interface in-game now shows more information on activities.

  • Using the World Hop function will no longer say that player logged out with a clan avatar prematurely.

  • Players can now see what skills they've not yet gained XP in for the Jack of Trades aura by checking 'aura time remaining'.

  • Dorgeshuun light orbs can now be made via the Make-X interface.

  • The "changed name" tooltip in the lobby has been re-aligned.

  • Make-X will now remember the last used recipe for an extra two interfaces, to improve the process of making certain multi-staged items such as urns.

  • Player and NPC targets will now always render on top of all other entities on the same tile.

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Mod William

Mod William

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16th February 2015


  • The position of the Hearts of Ice interface in Treasure Hunter has been adjusted.

  • The black-out box when there are no more Treasure Hunter keys usable no longer overlaps the top of the interface.

  • The character models for Damis and Dessous in Desert Treasure and Dominion Tower have been updated, as has the Desert Treasure boss icon in Dominion Tower.

  • Some floating torches in the Rise of the Six caverns have been brought back down to earth.

  • Some skeletons no longer shoot rocks out of their bows.

Skills, D&Ds & Minigames:

  • Demon Flash Mobs will now spawn hourly instead of every 2 hours.

  • Players will no longer receive rewards from a Demon Flash Mob boss if they join the fight especially late.

  • Demon Flash Mob bosses will now deal less damage to familiars.

  • New adventurers spawned using an adventurer's re-roll ability will now spawn inside a Player-Owned Port without needing to leave and re-enter.

  • A patron will no longer get stuck in a wine rack during the Last Orders random event in a Player-Owned Port.

  • The default recipe selected in the Make-X interface now works correctly for fire and moss titan familiars.

  • Gnome Restaurant recipes are now created using the standard Make-X interface.

  • The Party Room knights will now dance on the table, as they should.

Quests, Challenges and Achievements:

  • Updated the quest start screen of Fairy Tale Part I and Underground Pass to reflect combat level calculation changes.

  • Players will now only be able to gain the 'Beast Mode' accolade on complexity level 6.

  • The 'Expensive Range' Task now correctly states all requirements needed to complete it.

  • It is no longer possible to complete the Flash Powder Factory challenge when leaving early.

  • Players will no longer complete a lucky challenge when their ship requires repair after a voyage.


  • The 'membership required' popup message near the Mage Training Arena has been corrected.

  • NPC mages - including infernal mages - now deal slightly more damage.

  • Players will no longer receive a message about having completed all Hard mode Dungeoneering floors with only 59 floors completed.

  • Unticking a familiar override with a familiar already out will now correctly remove the customisation.

  • Players can now obtain elite black armour from elite Black Knights.

  • Logging into a free world will now automatically dismiss members-only pets.

  • A typo with the attuned ectoplasmator – previously displayed when used alongside a demon-horn necklace – has been fixed.

  • A typo on the Worn Equipment interface has been fixed.

  • A typo on the Sign of the Porter interface has been fixed.

  • Jungle Potion has been removed from the Woodcutting skill guide requirements for teak and mahogany trees, as it is no longer relevant.

  • Farmer payments for elder trees are now shown in the Farming skill guide.

  • Players can no longer teleport while sitting in the Throne of Fame.

  • Blocking has been added to a missing tile in the gnome maze.

  • The Latest Content banner in the lobby will now cycle between banners every 15 seconds instead of every 30 seconds.

  • An incorrect reference to re-obtaining war priest armour has been corrected.

  • Cooldowns in the ability book will now display correctly.

  • Players can no longer attack Vorago during the 'Bring me down' phase.

  • Spiritual warriors, mages and rangers no longer count towards automaton slayer tasks.

Ninja Fixes:

  • Yew and magic trees' models have been updated, at the various growth stages for Farming.

  • Abilities will no longer trigger while the player is too far away from the target.

  • The mirror shield is now hybrid-class.

  • The money pouch will no longer show 0 coins under certain circumstances when there are coins in the pouch.

  • Players can now deactivate unused Motherlode Maw enhancers to make them stack in the bank and activate them whenever needed them for no cost.

  • Juju hunter and plant cure vials can now also be thrown away when empty, if the 'throw away vials' option is toggled on via Bob Barter.

  • Prifddinas pickpocketing has been rebalanced to be more profitable:

    • There is now a greater chance of receiving items – including three times the chance to get charms from Amlodd elves.

    • Some less-valuable rewards – such as cups of tea – have been removed.

    • More items are now given in noted form.

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