Dragon pickaxe wasn't gilded?

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I was at the lava flow mine and the nymph spawned for me. I already have all the pieces of the mining suit and so when i was talking to her i asked her to gild the pickaxe that -wasn't- in my toolbelt. The game gave a message to use the pickaxe i would like gilded on her. After i did i got the message "the nymph coats your pickaxe in gold" but my dragon pickaxe is not gilded. Neither is the pickaxe in my toolbelt. Has this happened to anyone else?

16-Jan-2019 18:35:04

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Probably one of the many bugs that popped up after the M&S rework.
Best send a bug report in the meantime so Jagex knows about the issue.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

16-Jan-2019 18:43:57

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Same thing happened to me it gilded the rune pick in the tool belt, I didn't think it had until I removed it. This was also despite clicking not to and then using the dragon pick on the nymph

16-Jan-2019 19:09:23

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I saw one thread where the guy posted a picture of his gilded bronze pickaxe, assumedly from his toolbelt. Not sure if it was a mockup, but I hope not because it was far too funny.

16-Jan-2019 20:20:08

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