How was your first year of RS?

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I think it took me 30 minutes to walk from Lumbridge to Varrock back in the days of dial up and lag. RuneScape was one of the only games I could play, since it took half an hour to download a 30 second video and watch it. What a difference when I finally got high speed internet and could use YouTube guides for quests!

I'll never forget when I asked someone to make me iron armour if I got the ores, and they gave me steel armour instead, I don't remember who they were, but that generosity seemed awesome to me back then, and I'll never forget it. It wasn't so much it would spoil the game for me, but enough that made me happy to have decent armour to play with.

I remember buying two partyhats from Varrock general store for 3 GP each the day they came out. Too bad I had no idea they would be worth billions one day, or I'd still be playing almost 18 years later. I gave the Partyhats away free when I was going to quit I thought forever, but after a year and a half of trying not to play, and not even visiting the website, I still couldn't get the game out of my mind or lose the desire to want to play, so I finally gave in and came back. I had to start a new account because I lost access to my old ones, but I eventually got the old accounts back, but then decided to continue on my new account instead.

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