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Mod Kalaya

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Hey all,

We will be releasing our next version of NXT v2.2.4 on Monday with lots of great improvements. Any players who are currently on NXT 2.2.2 or lower will be unable to play RuneScape on that NXT client until they update. You will still see an auto-update message, however you will receive an error stopping you from playing until you update.

How do I check which version of NXT I have?
When launching NXT you can check out the version number in the bottom right corner, the numbers there indicate your Client version. Currently if you're on 2.2.2, you'll be prompted to download the latest update.

We're planning to release NXT 2.2.4 as part of Monday's normal update. If you're using NXT 2.2.2, or you're not sure what version you are using, please head to this link and download any update available.

Please make sure you mention this to friends and clanmates, so they can continue playing RuneScape after next week's update!
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Mod Kalaya

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For your reference, here's what's coming with the next NXT version!

- Fixed a crash that sometimes happens when a mass amount of players and locations overlap
- Removed launcher frame
- Changes to the client to deal with its own window, including save, restore of position, scrolling, access to launcher options
- Change to OSX and Linux client to binary executable
- Fixes to OSX and Linux crash reporting
- Added the ability to turn off terrain blending
- Added the ability to turn off ground décor
- Reduced RAM and video memory
- Optimised script functions
- Reduced VRAM usage
- Fixed audio related crash
- Added compression to disk cache - size reduced from 12GB to 3-4GB. As a one-off, you are recommended to leave your client at the login screen for 30 mins to apply the compression without slowing down your gameplay.
- Optimised performance of disk cache validation (up to 7x faster)
- Optimised performance of loading for non-SSD users (up to 2x faster if fully defragged, more if not)
- Reduced RAM usage by 50MB
- Fixed a crash that would primarily occur during disk cache download at high speed or on a bad connection to the server during gameplay
- Added a minimum width and height to the NXT client
- Fixed a freeze some players experience after re-logging from the lobby
- Fixed particles from looking washed out. Red particles will no longer look pink!
- Fixed an issue that resulted in hint markers to sometimes cause freezing and crashing. Fist of Guthix or Castle Wars being an example
- Fixed an issue with low spec machines crashing before start up
- Fixed inconsistent normals
- Fixed a race condition with audio

EDIT: Some useful information from the awesome Mod Dolan:

After reading some of your comments, I can assume some of you don't know what you are updating. The launcher is pretty much an executable which connects to the client of which RuneScape serves. Updating your launcher does not cause performance drops. Unless of course you deleted your cache, which you are prompted:- "do you want to delete your cache." I'm guessing you ignored and just clicked okay - Similar to the month of pop-ups you would have been getting on NXT Launcher version 2.2.2. The only thing the launcher can affect is launching the game, it's in the title.
How to not get bad performance after updating:
"delete your cache" is a last resort and 9/10 will not fix your issue, stop doing this.
Don't unintentionally delete your cache when prompted, there's no reason to do this. it's just an option incase you would like to.
After an update on Monday, lobby for a bit if you have a slow computer or slow internet to allow new content to cache.
Have a full cache before you decide it is "literally unplayable" if playing on a game that hasn't downloaded don't expect immaculate performance.
Similar to the "boy who cried wolf" it's hard to figure out who has an actual issue and who doesn't because of the noise from caching.
EDIT: We have V-sync options for laptops that run too hot. Please enable this. Also, when gaming on a laptop I would suggest getting a cooling lap rest. Unless you're playing on a specific "gaming laptop" getting hot is expected, more resource required = more power = more heat.
Cheers, :)
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Cool. I currently use the legacy client due to the NXT client putting too pressure on my CPU. Hopefully this will fix it, otherwise I'll stick to the legacy client. :) Join Altar today!

05-Apr-2017 11:39:35

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- Added the ability to turn off terrain blending
- Added the ability to turn off ground décor

to be honest, I never liked the Ground Decor on NXT and in my opinion these were a main reason why alot of people never made the switch to NXT in the first place.

05-Apr-2017 12:05:24

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Many many "
" to the '
Mysterious Awareness Team of Fixers
' who have succeeded in fixing the problems we as "Mac-Users" encountered with shutting down our screens, computers etc. etc.
You're a lovely Team who have done a great job as now I can use all my programs together at the same time without crashing. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

And a kiss to Mod Kalaya for being the good message bringer. Many thanks. :):):)

05-Apr-2017 12:55:31

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