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Does anybody else here remember the timeline that Jagex released on their website when the 200 million Runescape account was made in 2012? I could not find the timeline on Runescape's website anymore but I did find a video of somebody showing the timeline in their video. I was very happy that Jagex made that timeline because I am a history buff and I love learning about the past. I will post the video down below if any of you guys want to see it. :)

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Ah yes, the turning point in the game's history, good old days... The 200m accounts number doesn't mean anything as per the above post, but the journey there sure did.
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The 200 million accounts celebration started after 200 million accounts had been created on 19 July 2012 at 15:09 UTC.

The event was available for both free players and members. In this event, a Party Demon was released in Barbarian Village, Varrock Sewers and the Bandit Camp. This monster had 200,000,000 life points and could only be killed using the boogie bow, given out for free by Hey Presto. Upon slaying the beast (which may be attacked by multiple players), a pair of 200m glasses could be obtained from Hey Presto.

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scousy said:
200m accounts created in 11 years. 72.7m accounts created in the last 7 years. It seems like a huge dropoff in the number of accounts created since 2012.

Oh sure - but you are preaching numbers to everyone who already acknowledges the facts.
There has been a massively greater choice of games available since 2012 and other platforms have been introduced.

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Ah yes...the Boogie bow. I remember this all too well.

It began as a fun little event. Everyone got to take part in celebrating RuneScape's 200M account milestone by using the newly released Boogie bow to kill the Party Demon, which would earn you the glasses.

You could use the new bow outside of the event. I recall taking it to Al Kharid to roast some scorpions. It was fun to watch the flaming arrows twist their way to the target.

The fun for F2P didn't even last a week. On 24 July 2012, five days following the bow's release, it was converted into a members-only item. After initially being included in the celebration, all F2P players were suddenly excluded. Was this slap in the face to every free player simply because F2P folk were enjoying using the Boogie bow, and Jagex couldn't stand for that...or was there another motivation behind this middle finger to F2P?

On 7 August 2012, the Firebrand bow cosmetic override was released FOR SALE in Solomon's Store. So while the Boogie bow was rendered useless to free players, they were now free to BUY a new flaming bow override to replace the item they could no longer use. Why buy an override when you had an actual item that looked cooler? Exactly.

One of the lower of RuneScape's low points.
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