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Is it possible to reset an old school RuneScape account?

I had an account which i created in 2005 i think, but last summer it got banned because of botting and i had no idea why that was because i never did use a bot. (Username: Super Benn)

After an appeal they say my account was really botting so i could never get it back... so i was not happy about it and after a while i started playing again with this account.

After i became member i got banned again, but now with this account, for botting in old school RuneScape and i did never play old school RuneScape with this account. So i send a mail and i got my account back since there was no option to appeal the ban.

But now i want to try the app and guess what, it seemed someone did bot with my account because i was standing somewere cutting yew logs with 78 wc... and i never logged in before in old school rs with this account.

The password of Super Benn and this account were the same so that could be a reason why i got “hacked” on both accounts. Now i lost Super Benn and i got this account left with high security this time. But now i want to try old school again on my phone, but i would like to start from the start and not what a bot did... that doesn’t feel right. So is it possible to reset an account?

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