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Dear Runescape staff and other players,

I don't know if I post this in the correct thread so please move this thread if its incorrect placed.

Ok, so I just got an e-mail from jagex, that there was "suspicious" behaviour on my account, I found that weird because I have not been online for a couple weeks now.

The email adress is a noreply email from the jagex domain, if you click the link or the ban apeal button, I get redirected to a weird dutch butcher website without https or http.
So I suspect it is a phising mail.

Just in case I changed my passwords all over again (some websites I have an account on were hacked in the beginning of January this year)

I thought I post it here on the forums just in case it is indeed a mail from jagex and that my account is facing a ban. Please don't ban me, in my knowledge I have done nothing wrong, never shared my account, never violated the rules of the game and always had fun playing the game.

I thank you in forward for your consideration



17-Jan-2019 09:23:00

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You won't be banned.

The E-Mail is 100% Fake. It's out to get you to click a link and then you put in your details. Few seconds later the hacker gets your account and goods. DO NOT click any links.

You can ignore the mail and delete it or you can forward it to Jagex at

Trust me it's 100% fake.

More info here:- Here
Comprehensive Account Security
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You said you were redirected to a shifty site. I'd suggest running any malware and anti viral on your computer in "safe mode" After those are complete and you're certain that just visiting that site hasn't given you any nasty surprises. Change your password again. If you changed it before running the scans just visiting the site you could have inadvertently downloaded a trojan horse. ~Tranq~ C7-456-18
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