no Dark Beast Teleport on Ring

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Cosmo Mugsy
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Cosmo Mugsy

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I am getting back in the game after a few years , I'm rusty so I'm probably missing some thing . I do have mournings end part 1 & 2 completed , I double checked . Trying to get to dark beasts for slayer task . Ring of slaying does not have a dark beast teleport . please help .

19-Jan-2019 04:41:06

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The ring of slaying has never had a teleport to dark beasts. It has teleports to Sumona in Pollnivneach, the Slayer Tower, the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, and Tarn's Lair.

To get to the dark beasts in the Mourner Tunnels, you can use a crystal teleport seed. To get to the ones in Kuradal's Dungeon, you can teleport to Kuradel using a ferocious ring.

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19-Jan-2019 05:10:02

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