Third maxed rs3 account?

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I don't have 120 Slayer or Invention, but otherwise I have two maxed accounts, and am regretting making a third normal account that currently has several 99s, so I'd say don't do it unless you plan to stop playing at least one of the other accounts entirely, its just too time consuming and pointless having to do everything over again, and trying to play three accounts.

I've gone from loving quests to hating them. By the third account, I just don't want to do them any more. There is also the fact the bosses are harder in newer quests and I hate hard bosses.

I feel like all my time is spent on dailies, ports, and player owned farms, then repeating on my other 2 accounts, so I don't really enjoy playing, instead I feel like I'm doing chores.

I tried OSRS, but when I saw it was following the same pattern as RS3 of only bosses matter and skilling being neglected, things that should come from skilling coming as monster drops instead, I saw no point continuing. I wanted to make GP through Smithing, but that was never going to happen when you can't make anything above rune and Jagex gives all end gear as monster drops instead of through Smithing or other non combat skills, making continuing to train them pointless.

I tried ironman, but got discouraged when I saw the best skilling items came only as boss drops and not from skilling, so I quit that when I realized I would never be able to have any hatchets or pickaxes above rune since I can't trade as an ironman and don't fight bosses.

If you just like getting 99s/120's, then you could, but then what, start a 4th account, a 5th account, and repeat?

I personally don't plan to make any more accounts and instead will focus on the ones I have, maybe even cut down to one or two, but what is good about this game is you can decide on your own goals, so if you want to train up another account you can do it, but maybe it would be better to focus on the accounts you already have.

24-Dec-2018 03:36:08

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