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Prick xD
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Prick xD

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Just went to twitch, logged on, clicked the link to the page that he said he was explaining more about him quitting. My account got immediately hacked for over 200Mil.
I'm stupid, don't click external link even if it looks legit. Just a heads up for everyone else.

28-Dec-2018 23:17:00

White Stars
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White Stars

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I'm sorry for your loss, but go ahead and report your issue to customer support, if you haven't already. Go here and click on the "Accunt Hijacked" topic under "Your Account"

Always remember to not click on any links that might seem suspicious or otherwise tampered with in some way.
15 year veteran at your service.

28-Dec-2018 23:29:06 - Last edited on 28-Dec-2018 23:32:52 by White Stars

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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@Nwk Naptime: I am so sorry to hear that it happened to you, I never enjoy hearing about those which is why the hunt must continue and it is so important to not click on those baiting phishing attempts.

Thank you for sharing your experience so that it doesn't happen to others.

On top of reporting the channel to Twitch, you can also send us the link at

29-Dec-2018 13:44:15

Send Pie
Jun Member 2018

Send Pie

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I got done also. i have my account back but it has no bank value now. how are we suppose to know if its a bait or legit if its identical to the runescape page. :\ guess i gotta make a new account now. zzzz

07-Jan-2019 10:22:16

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