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This happened to me recently, I changed my password, and bank pin. Is there something that I have to do with my authenticator, too? Like delete it and put it back on or something?

About my authenticator, can they still have access to my account with that authenticator code I put in to their fake site a week ago even after changing my password? Which brings me to my next question: does changing my password remove the authenticator code access from all PCs (theirs in particular)?
If not, then could someone guide me?

Apart from that, can they still access my account with my old password? I am really paranoid at this moment, and do not want to lose my hard earned virtual money again.

12-Jan-2019 12:20:20

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I just fell into this trap as well. Very legit scam. Lost everything. Fake Sparcmac quitting with over 4k viewers. After they hacked my account, the stream was down and within minutes a fake Woox stream was in its place.

20-Feb-2019 17:12:33

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