Old man returning to nothing??

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Ok, Iím not that old, but my Character is in the scope of this game, since I started playing this game back in 2001. Anyway I remember when Runescape had only 2 servers and when the runescape I knew became old school runescape. And that split your character between the two. For awhile I played both and life happened and I havenít regularly logged in since 2009 on either format. But I would about every few months which became when holidays events happened, and then to once a year. I found Old school RS on mobile and thought hey I can play a lot easier this way.. I log in and Iím literally level 1 in everything...

So am I stuck newbieville or is there a way to resurrect my old school runescape stats from years past?!?

I feel like Iím a kid again and had my account hacked.. lol

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While Old School RuneScape is based on a backup of the game files from 2007, it is a separate game that was released in 2013. Everyone starts from scratch in that version. See the Dude... where's my stats? article in the Support Centre for additional information on that.

Your previous stats and items are in the current RuneScape (RS3) version of the game. The Mobile client for RS3 is currently in Beta testing.

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No one was reset, all your stats and items are in RS3 where they have always been.

The game started as RuneScape, later named Classic. Classic closed August 6 2018.

When RS2 was made you had a choice to stay in Classic, or move to RS2.

RS2 through updates over time became RS3 but is the same game you played when it was called RS2.

In 2013 Old School was made as a new game and everyone who plays it had to start from scratch on that game. It was based on a 2007 game save but is a new game that began in 2013.

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