Assist System possibly broken

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I was trying to create Armor Spikes which are a t90 smithing item made from Elder Rune Bars. I currently do not have 90 smithing. So I tried to use assist to make them. Online it says smithing is assessable, but I tried it on other things less high tier. It seems as though smithing no longer works, but there is still an option for it when assisting. Did they remove this feature or is it just broken from update.

13-Jan-2019 21:30:26

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It could be that the assist sytem is broken. I tried to cook some fish this summer via the assist sutem and it also wouldn't work. I had Accept Aid on.
I suggest you send a bug report.
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14-Jan-2019 12:05:20

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Does the person who's assisting you have smithing turned on in the aid interface. Also if you're testing items to see if it works on other things and it's below your actual smithing level. You'll use your level instead of the person assisting you. ~Tranq~ C7-456-18
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