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Would you guys think it would cost alot to make offical 2011 scape similiar to osrs. Thats the time when i loved rs the most summoning dungeonengineering etc, could be small team to it similiar to osrs as starters and then if it gets more popular they could do updates and stuff with polling system

11-Mar-2019 08:10:02

Thunder Jinx
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11-Mar-2019 08:13:15

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Right now, OSRS is there for people who don't like EoC/TH/SGS/NXT etc, so a 2011 server wouldn't have enough unique things to offer in comparison. Either the 2011 server would kill OSRS, or it wouldn't succeed well enough itself.
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11-Mar-2019 08:16:32

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ToP BaSS said:
Move on with rest of the world my friend - 2011 is gone.

Mhm. Personally I think Jagex should've never caved to creating OS, stood their ground and worked with the community to tweak RS3 to an acceptable standard for most, all this "RS3's shit, make xx version" does nothing but very slowly strangle this game to death as it was always the old original community that made Runescape what it was - not the game itself. It's so backwards that a previous iteration is apparently more favourable/popular than the latest one - I've been playing since the only version of the game was RSC, so I'll never understand that.

The community is already permanently segregated thanks to RS3/OS. It doesn't need to be splintered off into smaller factions thus eventually making the population akin to what RSC could muster together when RS2 (which is now RS3) was the main game.

11-Mar-2019 09:36:59



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Jagex was pushed on the edge, the company's back was against the wall since there was a RS2 private server gaining popularity at that time. Jagex's reaction is OSRS.

11-Mar-2019 10:00:45

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I want a 10-03-2019 version of the game and 06-04-2011 11:11:12 to be precise.
But to be on topic and actually awnser OP's question:

Nobody knows besides Jagex themselves. We do not know the costs. But one thing I can imagine is, that the community get splits even further, which I doubt that it'l be any good for the upkeep.
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11-Mar-2019 13:13:23

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OSRS being the game I favor over RS3 is going to make my opinion on the matter less favorable, but my friend and I have been talking about it quite a lot; the reason why RS3 is so much less favourable is because (and do note that this is my opinion alone) of MTX, look at it this way, there's a lot less MTX in OSRS, everything I do in OSRS is completely through my own hard work, I can't honestly say it'd be the same in RS3 - While I may never actually be on the highscores on OSRS, I still feel like I'm accomplishing something the right way when I play OSRS, versus RS3.

Now moving on to the actual point of the topic, there's zero need for a 2011 server, and to be blunt, there's zero need for OSRS, if the Jagex Team were to spend enough time fixing RS3 from the ground up, finding better ways to keep EVERYONE happy, and not making MTX such a priority like they have in the past (which they are, squeal of fortune was a terrible idea through and through) and following through on their promises to fix everything and finish things and not leaving half of the content they release on RS3 half-done, I'm sure there'd be a LOT more people wanting to play RS3 - Hell, the combat system itself is not even that bad anymore in 2019, because the general playerbase is more able to get accustomed to it, but there's never going to be a reason to do so when OSRS outshines RS3 because of their willingness to let the community decide most things.

11-Mar-2019 18:20:50

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