Teleport To Grand Exchange Bug

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After doing the Varrock easy tasks, and talking to the Rat guy to change my teleport to the Grand Exchange, it still teleports me to the front of Varrock when I use my home teleport. Something wrong or bugged? I want to set it to the Grand Exchange, he tells me that it is, and it just doesn't work.

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Home teleport always brings you to the lodestone.

It's the Varrock teleport (level 30-ish spell) and portals in POH portal room with that spell that can be redirected to the GE that way.
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You did not waste your time. Varrock armour has more benefits than just moving the teleport.

Regardless, you have a few options here. You can carry the runes on you to cast the teleport to varrock spell. Or you can purchase varrock teleport tabs from the GE, or make them yourself if you meet the requirements. Another option that isnít too expensive is a Ring of Fortune. It will give you unlimited teleports to the GE. Itís a tier III luck enhancer and a fair bit cheaper than the luck of the dwarves which also has unlimited GE teleports. Finally there is the ring of wealth. While the ring of wealth is cheap, it only holds 4 GE teleports before needing to be recharged the same way the amulet of glory needs to be recharged.

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